Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

you like it.

Sibling Rivalry (Apr 01)
Fragment of an original comic I sorta-planned out a while ago. Someday I guess I still might do it...? (8 pages, last one not chronologically next.)

Just Not in That Way (May 01)
Gundam Wing doujinshi!!! Oh man!! This is the awesomest comic I have ever drawn. (4 pages + cover + alt. cover)

The Sanitation Avenger (May 01)
No, wait, this is the awesomest comic I have ever drawn. (1 page)

Zeta Comic (May 01)
Actually, maybe this one is? It's a Zeta Project fan comic!! The second one was scripted by a friend. ;D (2 pages)

Stormspinner (Jun 01)
This doesn't really belong in the comics section as it's nothing but a conceptual first page for something much larger that I never drew. Whatev'. (1 page)

AnJa the Kleptomaniac (Oct 01)
Documenting an incident in my sister's life as an chronic and unintentional thief. Okay, so it's usually pens and stuff, but... (1 page)

Le Pfilosophe (Dec 02)
Drawn for TokyoPop's first Rising Stars of Manga contest. I lost! :) One of the reasons this is such crap is that I was in a huge rush to finish it since I didn't really decide to *enter* the contest until the deadline had almost already passed. (The other reason is that I suck!) Anyway! Frederick the Great. (21 pages + cover)

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.