Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

you like it.

Scipio Africanus (Oct 00)
Made as part of a project on Roman History in 10th grade world history; groups were assigned various topics to prepare some kind of presentation on. One of the options was a web site, so I made this. Yay. Scipio Africanus.

Red Ribbon Week (Oct 01)
First project in 11th grade webmastery. A site on Red Ribbon Week, the theme of which, that year, was... uh... I don't remember. Anyway, it's educational, and I put in a couple of random pictures I'd drawn previously, as well as the Red Ribbon Week story I failed to win anything with back in 9th grade. ;P

China (Nov 01)
Second webmastery project, all about China. If I had to do this project today, I'd probably pick Wales.

Golden Wok (Dec 01)
Third webmastery project; a restaurant review site. Golden Wok is very delicious, for real!!

Sanitation Avenger Slide Show (Jan 02)
Fourth webmastery project! A slide show depicting Sanitation Avenger's second adventure.

Animal Page (Feb 02)
Fifth project. GUESS WHAT I HALF-ASSED THIS ONE. None of the sound files exist, likewise the embedded movie (it was the one of that kitten waving its paws in the other cat's face before getting tackled). I only included it here because I think the little animal pictures I drew are kinda cute ;D

E-Commerce (Apr 02)
Sixth project. Site for the fictional company Murkia Shoes, which specialises in selling colour-altered versions of both my shoe and my partner's. For the record, not only did I do all of the graphics and layout, I *also* had to correct my partner's haphazard HTML-ish attempt at the content. (Hi, Chris!)

Geminus Conquest (May 02)
Final webmastery project! It's an info site for Geminus Conquest, a project I was sort of planning to start up based on the then-defunct Dead Lands sim.

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.