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Once More, With Feeling   OMG my first Star Fox fanfic evarr!!12 It would also be my first fanfic ever, period, except that I wrote some stuff about Super Mario Bros. when I was very small. :D It's about Katt and it's ritadded, but I was like 12, so I couldn't help it. ('sright, just keep rationalising it...!) I made a logo for it (I did this for all my Star Fox fanfics-- who knows why?), which you can look at if you want.  [logo]

Let Your Spirit Fly   Another Star Fox fanfic, about FALCO WOW. It's angst, done poorly. :3 This was technically my second, but it got several overhauls (most notably, the song at the end was originally the full "Child of the Universe," but later I decided I hated that song for some reason and changed it to the nonsensical "Daily Nightly"). ... fun for the whole family.  [logo]

All of Your Toys   It's an SMRPG fanfic! I haven't touched it in several years, but I find myself still rather liking it, it's so manic. Maybe I'll finish it someday. ;D

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

A Stone Drag   Longest story I've ever written, eh. 'Tis Star Fox fic about like. A thing. And some stuff. And these guys. Okay, because I wrote a real description for the first two--!! Um, Star Fox and Katt and Bill have to fight a bio-weapon thing that is like SEEMINGLY INDESCTRUCTIBLE O NOES. Isn't that, like, totally original?  [logo]
   Part I- Nothing's Set in Stone  [logo]

1. It Starts (Or Rather, Doesn't)
2. Early Morning Blues and Greens
3. Can You Dig It?
4. Tapioca Tundra
   Part II- I've Got That Run-Down Feeling  [logo]
5. O Yes, Precious
6. The Long Way Home
7. I Believe You
8. Goin' Down
   Part III- That Never-to-be-Forgotten Hit  [logo]
9. Unlucky Stars
10. Time Marches On
11. Semper Fidelis
12. The Crippled Lion
   Finale- Crying to the Sky  [logo]

With Right on the Side of the Mighty   Ye gods, this is horrid! It was me being an annoying, ignorantly pacifist 7th grader disguising my "deep thoughts" about war as a fic ;o You know why I put this stuff up? I do this for you. Yeah, about this driving need to get people to lose respect for me, I don't know. I guess I should talk to a therapist.  [logo]

Good Clean Fun   A sort of songfic with the Monkees' Shorty Blackwell 9_9 Well, it's a Star Fox fic, but they're only in as a cameo. It's just a strange little story about a cat called Shorty Blackwell and various stuff she does. ;o  [logo] <~ these logos, they're all aweful.

The End of the Day   An angstfic follow-up to "Let Your Spirit Fly" (because God knows that one was a triumph). I never wrote more than this segment of the first chapter, but I was planning to eventually have this scene where Falco would go to see Katt in like a restaurant or something, and she'd be with her new boyfriend (what was his name? See, in the 'fan community' Katt had got a boyfriend), and he (Falco) would have this moment where he felt like nothing but the supporting character to their story. Oh yeah, it was gonna be so freaking great, dude.

And the Darkness Fell   First page-ish of another Star Fox fic I never actually wrote. I'm not sure I even ever came up with a plot for it; if I did, I can't remember what it was now. I don't know if I meant to keep that title, either. See, I used to come up with titles... for stories... and never come up with proper stories to go with the titles...

A Lost Scene   This rather dodgy sequence popped into my head once, so I wrote it down. I was planning to have it as part of a Star Fox fic (something to go towards the middle of the ending), then as just an original fic, but, you know, if you only ever come up with one scene.

Part 123 - Qetzelcoatl = 42 + Iris, Goddess of the rainbow   A chapter written for the long-defunct 'Star Wolf's SF64 SIM,' here posted because it was the only part I wrote there that I did in Notepad and saved to the hard drive. It's about 90% plagiarised from a Monkees episode. As for the title, I always titled my parts there with weird equations like that :D() YEAH, I WAS 12! IT SEEMED COOL!

A Deep Piece of Modern Literature   After we read Animal Farm (in SEVENTH GRADE! Come on, does nobody else realise how wrong that is?!), we were to write a story in which animals had humanlike characteristics. I wrote this piece o' guess what. :D I thought it was pretty rockin' at the time, though.

Gonna Buy Me a Dog (Or Maybe an Alien)   For a 7th grade science assignment; we were learning about dominant and recessive genes, so we were to draw a picture of an alien with specified genes, and then write a story about it.

I Wrote This For No Reason Other Than That Luigi Made Me   Yeah, Luigi644 made me write a story; I don't know why I did what he told me. He was the acting president of the Mario Kart Xtreme Nintendo League, but what that had to do with soliciting creative output from other ranking members, I do not know. Anyhoo. It's pretty true to the way the three of us (Luigi, Slimu, and me) related to each other back then; dig the subtle animosity between me and Slimu. We're good friends now! Friendship dance! BFF!

Kyande Toshi   A chapter I wrote for the first interactive story type thing I was ever in. This was a sort of "audition" for getting to be the main writer when Kit (the girl who started the whole thing) got too busy to keep it up. I did get the job, so this would be canon, but, uh, it matters. o_o (It wasn't really interactive, but I can't think of how to describe it concisely; basically, people "joined" and created characters, but the story was all written by one person. Kyande Toshi was the inspiration for my Starlight Mountain, which inspired Hans's Aqua Alps, which he later made totally un-interactive in order to write it as a fully original story, which he later stopped writing ;D.)

Aqua Wish, Chapter 2   Well speak of the devil! For our takes on the semi-interactive story thing, Hans and I both allowed other players to sign up to write chapters (with every other chapter being written by the main writer). I was signed up to write the second chapter; I never finished it, but here it is. (I don't think it was my fault that Hans made Aqua Alps un-interactive; he started having doubts about the whole interactivity thang pretty much as soon as he launched it. I mean, as I understand it, he mostly made it to one-up me.) (Like I mentioned, our "friendship" wasn't so peachy/conventional in those days.)

Star Chasers   This is a book I once started; I did a lot of planning for it, and it was going to be all introspective and meaningful, including symbolic name changes for the main characters and stuff. I drew much conceptual art and wrote some poems (these are all off in a void somewhere, but don't worry, the loss is bearable), but this part of a chapter one is all I ever really *did* in an organised sense.

Peter P-Halsten P-Thorkelson's Pet Penguin P-Charlie   My first and only Monkees fanfic. It used to have the alternate title "The Stuff that Dreams are Made of," for no real reason other than that I wanted it to have an alternate title, which is a little Monkees joke that nobody gets.

The Star Warrior   For an 8th grade science assignment; we were meant to make up a constellation and then write a legend/myth for its origin. (Because of state testing, we had to do writings in *every* class, not just English, which is why we were writing stories in an Earth Science class.) This is so funny because it's so retarded XD() Those are all Japanese names of Pokemon characters, one of which is incorrect anyway.

El Cuento de el Cepillo Para el Pelo   My chapter of our 8th grade English class's version of Homer's Odyssey. Our Odysseus was called Sergio, and had recently escaped from gay Darth Vader. The story never made sense all put together because of people's failings to communicate, so I don't feel guilty about only posting one chapter of what would normally be a cohesive whole. :P Yes, friends, I had gotten past the point of ripping off Monkees episodes for my stories, and graduated to ripping off Veggie Tales (with a side order of Hitchhiker's Guide). Also, Babelfish was new, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. To the Spanish language: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Espejismo   By far the best anthropomorphic insect-related piece of literature I have ever produced. Co-written with my then-pal Sacha Corsair (not that I don't like him anymore, he just sorta disappeared); we intended to make it a comic. It's set in the Star Fox universe, and I plead the 5th re: Babelfish. Anyway, the stuff I wrote is in the normal green, and his is darker.

The Diary of Margot Frank   One of the assignments accompanying our reading of The Diary of Anne Frank in 8th grade. It used to have a cool font, but now it doesn't. Apparently this is extremely inaccurate in the grand sense (Margot wouldn't have used the surname 'Van Daan,' etc.) but, yeeeeah, my caring envelops the galaxy. ;D() Besides, it's dishonest to edit it now, since this site is really meant to show my writings at various stages of life, not be a like portfolio of Really Great Writing. Though I do sometimes polish up things I actually still intend to be good.

Musica dell' Esistenza   A three-part Star Fox sorta-fanfic of which I wrote... the first part. I kinda SORTA planned parts two and three (well, I gave them Cool Titles, and in the second part they were going to have to fight a like spider thing, and in the third part she'd get back to Corneria City where the guy either WOULD or WOULDN'T have waited for her, I hadn't exactly figured that part out). The titles are more Babelfish, but at least the musical terms are real musical terms that I knew and stuff. Anyway, I sure thought I was really writing something that would matter! Because it had, like, deep thoughts, and stuff!
  -1- Canzone di Amarazza
 into the Fire. a tale of excess

Idyll-All Fall Down-Jigsaw Dirge
La Guarda Ribera-Phantasm's Shadow
  -2- Canzone della Battaglia
 the Enemy of My Enemy. a tale of necessity
  -3- Canzone del Rinnovamento
 look to the Lilies of the Field. a tale of Rebirth

Underneath Midnight   A horrible, pointless thing I wrote for some kind of horrible, pointless 9th grade English assignment (it was actually the pre-9th grade summer assignment). Inspired by some dude's FFVII fanfic about the Turks in Wall Market and my 13-year-old self reading Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury.

No to Drugs, Yes to Life   I didn't come up with the title ;o It was the theme of Red Ribbon Week. I wrote this for the... Red Ribbon Week... contest... of some sort... and I didn't win anything :D Oh, I am so bitter because I do not have a T-shirt or whatever! Hey, you can also pretend the guy in this wasn't on drugs, maybe he like committed robberies all the time and the cops shot him.

Like Ice in the Sunshine   FFVII fic I started and never finished YAY! Because I liked the original AVALANCHE members and thought they got gypped 9_9

Since it Must be So   A story written in a traditional Japanese no-name style; it's sort of meant to be about Yuffie from FFVII, but it doesn't really matter.

Exsecutus   FFVII after-game fic; includes some strong language and rather negative interpretations of a couple of the characters :D() (I don't think nearly so badly of them now, but I did then.)
      I. cretus aethere
     II. the stars and the darkness
    III. infinition

Fourteen Times Since Kindergarten   One of our first assignments in my 10th grade creative writing class was to make a list of ten things we did over Christmas vacation and three things we didn't do, then trade lists with someone and write a story about them either using or not using the list. ;D Our teacher was great.

bleeding   Creepy little thing in creative writing.

Thousand Silences   Mmmmm for Creative Writing. If I could figure out what it might possibly be about, I could expand it into a full story or novel. :o I'm addicted to the name "Darius"

Cathy Ames Monologue   The first writing assignments in 11th grade English was to write a monologue for one of the characters in East of Eden. All I seem to have been able to write at the time was insipid stream-of-consciousness.

ursi non possunt loqui   11th grade Latin, in collaboration with Kim C and C. Reynolds. It's a rollicking, adventurous tale of Helvidius, Grumio, Glabrio, Polla, Lupus, and the caves Romani!

Ultraviolet   The beginnings of a post-apocalyptic novella. The idea is that the first half would all be Aisling's journal, and the second half would be the narrative. Neither half is anywhere close to being done, but these bits are what I've managed to put down. (O hooray, there is more stuttering consciousness stream.)

A Delicate Constitution   12th grade English assignment; I can't remember whether we had to just write a narrative in which the character(s) experienced alienation / isolation, or whether it specifically had to be first-person. I sort of had Kagewaki from Inuyasha in mind with this :3

Hamlet Progressive Diaries   When we studied Hamlet in 12th grade English, everyone was assigned a character and then had to write at least six diary entries from that character's point of view. I got to be HAMLET and I wrote this chunk of paradise!

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