you should wear the mao one

Original (mage) chara with a NIFTY staff thing!
Ayla from Chrono Trigger! She reminds of Spat from UXM even though Ayla came first.
'Nother original, isn't he so cool!!!
Dragonair & Baby
A baby Dratini and its Dragonair mum! It's lovely! ^_^
Arioth's older bro! Isn't this an awesome pic *_*
Jaei again
Jaei's face shot! SUGOI
Chibi Link
SOOO CUUUTE!! It's heroic Chibi Link and she actually drew it for meeee! I am special!
Chibi Quatre
ALL RIGHT!! Another chibi for ME! It's my dear, Quatre! =D
Chibi Sheik
If you gots a chibi Link, why shouldn't j00 gets a chibi Sheik? There isn't a reason! So here he is! All right! [SHEIK IS PHYSICALLY A MALE, DO NOT TELL ME TO SAY 'SHE']
Garnet and Vivi
A sweet little drawing of Garnet and Vivi from FFIX. ^_^
Beatrix from FFIX! Beatrix is THE COOLEST! I would like to use this space to say that I love the little star thing Jinjo uses for a sig. It rocks my socks!