Zyi in Calvin Klein
Zyi Sandegomn in ad~
Art Class Omi
Omi from Weiss Kreuz, apparently drawn for art class ^_^
Vash the Stampede
Vash from Trigun, also for art class!
Aya Brea
from Parasite Eve! Mitochondria are ORANGE with PURPLE squiggles.

Bad Girl
Angelic (?) Musa-senpai o_x()()
The actual goddess is called Verdandi, but both names go to Berudandi in kana, so... nevermind. Belldandy
From Oh My Goddess!

Billy Lee Black (Xenogears) and Billy Clyde (fish, currently dead).

Main chara of FF8. I will play that soon.
Boring Fuujin Pose
I'm not sure if she means that the pose is boring, or that Fuujin is boring. Anyway, here is Fuujin from FF8.

I don't know what this is, but I dig it ;o

Chocobo Forest
Charming XD
Main chara of FF7, featuring the kanji for "bishounen".

Croco from SMRPG!! Croco is awesome!

Eternal Yaten
Yaten is the coolest Starlight! Here featured with lyrics to "Nagareboshi e" (to the Shooting Star).
Elena the Turk from FF7 and her LOLLY

Final Pokémon VII
XD Dig it!!

Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin, with fishbones. This might make more sense to me if I'd seen Kenshin...
Fish Eye
Fish Eye... definitely the most beautiful member of the Amazon Trio.

Koji Lolly
Kojirou and a lolly, for someone called Huntress. ;o

Freija Crescent
In kana, her name is written "furaiyaa". From FF8, BTW.
From FF6. Nezu likes Gau. I dun-like Gau. She's entitled, however.
From Chrono Cross. She looks really cool!
Nezu Was Tired
She didn't want me to post this, but I did anyway *kyohohohoho*
Infinite Kit
With trusty bloody looking death nightmares!
Infinite Kit
Again... and this time BARE CHESTED *gasp shock amaze*
Ink Satoshi Sketch
^_^ Ash /Satoshi is great!
Janus and Alfador
From Chrono Trigger. What good hair Janus has.
Here is picture of Kenshin put on door to make people leave Nezu alone.
Picture of two *cough* nezu and squizzle *cough hack* people that Nezu doesn't know.
Infinite Kit
For the third time, now with the lyrics to "Komm, süsser Tod" magickally in the BG.
from Flame of Recca. With a rather impressive weapon.
Lady Killer
Irvine from FF8. Is he that skinny in the game? I don't know. When I play, I will find out.
Maya, Mint's sis in Dewprism/ Threads of Fate.
Minako and Chibi-Chibi
With lolly.
Martin and Tsarmina
From Mossflower by Brian Jacques!!!
A Marlfox from a book of the same name, also by Brian Jacques. ^_^
Oil Bear
"I made you a board with a nail in it!" "Thank you beart!!" But anyway, this picture is awesome O_o
Omi ridin' skateboard ;o
One-Winged Angel
Byootifal Seffyroth of FFVII~
Plato Sketch
Dun-know who this is. Nice hair though.
Quistis Trepe
Whip-user from FF8 XD
Tim Rhymeless
From Wild ARMs 2.
Roketto-dan Street
From Threads of Fate slash Dewprism.
Our Kid Ryouko-chan~ from Tenchi!
Book Cover Ryouko
Ryouko on a book cover.
Ryouga Hibiki
:D :D with rather creative kana O_o
Ryouga Stuff
A whole page of Ryouga... am I in heaven?
Zyi S. with groovy hair~
Sanosuke Darling
Is that a huge sword? SCORE
SD Satoshi
Satoshi and Togepi XD
From Chrono Cross
Summer 'Sashi/ Sexy August
Draw your own conclusions.
Shinji Ikari
Shinji is so precious! I love him, just not that way.
Claw Sivar
From the SF64 sim! :D
Ooh, Kojirou's from the GHETTO
Stechen is German for "Sting"...
Stupid Irvine Strip 1
Stupid Irvine Strip 2
I'm sure I will love Irivne when I play FF8! Which I will!
Stupid Irvine Strip 3
Work it. Or something.
From Houshin Engi. Chalk!!
He has been upsetted
Amazon Trio
This is My Game
Musa-senpai with new look XD
From Flame of Recca. Laa laa
Usagi and Seiya, etc.
Curse you, Nezu!!! Seiya sucks! At least it's a cute piccle. Despite Seiya's presence.

Vincent Valentine
Oooh, I love Vincent... Vincent Vincent Vincent (from FF7, for the uninformed)

Guess WHO!! I love you, SD Vincent!
Washuu Book Cover
Because mad scientists *like* catching fire?
Yuffie Kisaragi
Yufi-chan kakkoii!!
Snow Leopard
For art class ^_^
Zyi Sandegomn
Zyi sitting on a shower curtain...? Nice pic anyway.
Zyi and Kirameki
Nezu's and my SF64 sim charas together ^_^
Zyi Playing Piano
Zyi composing... her hands look pretty
Zyi in da WIND