Dort:  Squinky, write me back on this page.
 How are you? (skip line)

Squinky:  I am groovy!  I love this pyscho-jello ink.  It's a  totally far out experience.  Writing in yellow ink, I meant.  *

Dort:  Yeah, It's pretty groovy isn't it?  Much neater than  black ink but oh well.  Skip no more lines.  Not needed.

Squinky:  Now it's like a banana, or else something equally  mind-boggling as to its pertinence where Micky Dolenz is  concerned.

Dort:  You think its pertinence to Micky Dolenz is mind-boggling?  Au contraire!  I think it's quite simple.  Obviously your mind has not grasped the extraordinary apparence of it.

Squinky:  You know what I was thinking about?  There's this guy in the FP whose screen name was POOKIE687910 or something, but he got sick of it, so he changed it to Kev10198672358769321 or something just as grotesque.  Maybe I should have a rule in the FP that you must have fewer than 4 numbers in your screen name to qualify for membership.

Dort:  Sounds pretty groovy to me.  But some people may see it as a discriminatory move.  Gus 143 told me I sound like a 23-year-old  :)

Squinky:  I think you sound kind of like a trombone.

Dort:  Nonono, he meant the "way I use words" my voice itself sounds like a wretched cross between little orphan Annie and Cher.

Squinky:  Yeeellooow bird.....up high in banana tree.......

Dort:  You look like me, yada yada, you don't do drugs and you won't be quite so high in the banana tree...

Squinky:  Pyschedeelllliccc!!! Freakout steppin' tone!!!

Dort:  Hohoho.  Me-e-e-e-rry Christmas, boys and girls!  Have you been naughty or nice?  Santa accepts cookie bribes! Ho! Ho! Ho!  Bob Dole only accepts money!

Squinky:  Squinky accepts check, cash, money order, COD's, or small countries.

Dort:  How's Belrania?

Squinky:  I can give you a VCR and some illegal immigrants willing to be house servants for it.  What do you say?

Dort:  Deal.  Jojo'd like it if he weren't dead.

Squinky:  Wait, I changed my mind.  You can only have them if you throw in a parrot and a free dinner at Shoney's!

Dort:  But you have to go to war next month.

Squinky:  I don't want to go, man.  It's a stone drag.  Maybe if I give the President the land title to the United Arab Emirates, he'll "forget" to draft me.  Wink, wink, aren't I wacky.

Dort:  Hey, man.  I wish I had Squinky's power.  That's where it's at...

Squinky:  "Like jumping off a bridge," he thought numbly to himself before the mechanical, instinctive peace and silence overpowered his thoughts.

Dort:  None knew what to make of it, this strange entity which seemed to have settled in.  They knew it would bring the end of their way of life, but no one seemed to care...No one, that is, except Nistor.  The first words uttered at all since the presence arrived were Nistor's, in fact:   "This is bad."

Squinky:  Black and yellow you, like banana too, they might pick you someday.....

Dort:  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Squinky:  Luke looked up through the canopy and smiled.  But his smile faded as he turned back to the targeting visor.  There was a tickling in his head.

Dort:  "Hee hee!" he giggled.  "Luke, trust me!"  the tickle [in his head] requested.  "Teehee! be quiet in there!" Luke bubbled like an overjoyous kindergartner with a brand new dolly what wears a pink dress.

Squinky:  Peter believes me!  I'm so special.  (He doesn't believe the tickle in Luke's head, and rightly so.)

Dort:  *laff laff* that's real funny!  Tell me more!  *laff laff snork*

Squinky:  Okay, did you hear the one about the tap-dancing salamander?

Dort:  tell me about that!

Squinky:  I can't.

Dort:  You can't tell me that?

Squinky:  I can't tell you that.

Dort:  I'll make you a big ST*A*R!

Squinky:  Ohh...

No, I still can't tell you.

Dort:  You're SNOOPING!

Squinky:  You guessed!!

Dort:  I'm writing this line twice.
           I'm writing this line twice.

Squinky:  What, senior citizens visiting their grandparents?  *giggle* *snork* HAHAHAHA

Dort:  Bother cities.

Squinky:  Both of them?

Dort:  Yeah.  Bug the Dickens out of them.

Squinky:  Have you gotten to the part with the wise old camel yet?

Dort:  Frankly, I hope I never do.

Squinky:  Oh.  It's my favourite part.

Dort:  Oh.  I shall now eat my words, sautee'd

Squinky:  Yeeeelllloow sit all alone like me......

Dort:  Time for bed best
              Time for bed worst

Squinky:  "This dog isn't mean at all."