"Remembering You"

You talk about my hair
You talk about my smile
You tell me how you care
You tell me how you'll be there all the while.

I don't understand how a brain could turn to mush
I don't understand how I could get such a head rush
It really makes no sense to me
How any one could possibly be
So obsessed over nothing more than a crush!

Maybe I'm being a bit too cold
But from everything that I was told
They didn't exactly throw away the mold...
Infact I see a little left behind your ears!

So then tell me how
I listen to you now
And feel as though I've known you for years

So I know it won't last
But at least we had a blast
in the time that's past
And maybe when it's through
Some day I'll think of you
And you'll rember me too
As not being nearly so bad
As in the last few moments that we had.