Lifesaver, Lover, and Friend

Like a bird that fell out of the sky, you helped me learn to help myself.
I closed my eyes, not letting myself love another, for love so beautiful
shot me down. I can't help but open my eyes now, and say thank you,
to your loving deep green gaze.
The days past by. The happiness, the laughter I felt was great.
When I spent my days with you. Yet I knew inside, I could never
love another, for the one I would love would leave me to fly.
All alone.
But like the loving, caring man you are, you taught me to love again,
you taught me to fly. You showed me your arms and you showed me the door.
You found something in me that I myself, didn't think anyone could.
You found peace in my heart, in my eyes, and in my soul.
You're the light in my dark sky,
in which I fell from.
I want you to know,
Forever, I will love you,
my lifesaver, lover and friend