Look up to the skies and see

Nezu Chuuko's Poetry:

Molly P's Poetry:
  • Winter- As she draws comfort in a dark winter's night. Let's hope it's her husband! O_O

Tawny's Poetry:

  • Well, Tawny had to whip out this sweet baby to prove that a two-line poem can be groovy too!  Since it IS only two lines, I think I'll just put it here.  ^_^  All right, here goes!

    Peter Tork is not a dork because he is a Monkee,
    listen to his records once and you will think he's funky!

    .....Isn't that cooooooool?

  • Love Is...- Something a bit more serious.  :D

VT's Poetry:
  • So Hard to Say- VT reminds us not to put off the truly important things, or you may not get another chance.
  • The Wait- This is a great poem O_o

Princess Toadstool's Poetry (Song Lyrics):
(note: Toadstool's songs are uploaded on her own webspace and are linked to remotely.)
  • Vent- This is about somebody who's kept their feelings bottled up inside of them their whole lives and needs to vent to someone.  It's my personal fav.
  • Because I Told You So- This is a really sweet romantic song!
  • Hope- Here's a song written to a special someone that usually gets overlooked by the rest of the school...
  • Can't Say It- Another semi-romantic song about struggling with declaring you feelings for someone.
  • Obscured- This song is about a girl who feels cut off from the rest of the world.
  • Subconscious Thought- She's known him all these years, but she's just begun to care... "Propinquity" quote there, folks. On my part. Not hers.
  • Control Freak- Whadda loser this guy is.  Hit him, Toadstool!
  • Teenage Years- I think the title really speaks for itself.  :Þ  Toadstool wants to remind us not to waste our teenage years.
  • And In My Hour of Darkness- Very different from the rest of her highly introspective songs, this one deals with the plight of mankind.  I dig!
  • Flower Child- She says hippy, I say hippie.  Toadstool wants you all to know that she DOES bathe regularly, doesn't do drugs, and is NOT anti-government.  Now that you've got that straight, you can go ahead and read the song.  ^.^
  • Don't You Know- Everyone has love inside them, whether they want to admit it or not.
  • To Be Loved- To that same special someone.
  • Who Are You?- "Who is at fault when love ends?"
  • Controversy- See above.  Toadstool, when you record these, pleeeease send them to the Cafe.  Your songs are great!
  • Crazy Girl- This is intense.  I really dig it.
  • Fallen- A fine line between love and hate... sugoi.
  • One Way Love- Pretty self-explanatory.

Zoe's Poetry:

  • Un Poeme en Couleurs- Zoe leisurely explores the intricacies of the spectrum.
  • Eyes- It should be illegal for a poem to be this groovy.
  • Dragon- Modelled after William Blake's "The Tyger," you won't want to skip this one.
  • Heal Me- It's really groovy, I like it a lot.  By the way, don't try to understand it.
  • One Thousand Candles- I dig this poem so excessively. It's from a male perspective based on a story she's writing and meant to be song lyrics.
  • Apology to a Fallen Angel- It's actually about a certain One-Winged Angel. BUT HEY!! Does that make it any less groovy? No! And if you think it does then you are very stupid and should leave right now.

Joey F's Poetry:

Ryoko's Poetry:

CassidyGal's Poetry:

Angel's Poetry:

  • Gypsy Like
    Cities of Dead
    - These two were inspired by Willa Cathers's Neighbor Rosicky.
  • The Saint- It's about Joan of Arc, in case ya were wondering!  Dontcha just dig the heck out of it, well dontcha?
  • The River
    - These two are for a Redwall fanfic she's writing!  HEY ANGEL!  Send it here when it's done, okay??
  • The Car Trip- Advice well spoken from the author:  Never go on a car trip with someone who's not in your family and her little brat/sister.
  • Wishing- a really sweet love poem, about someone whose love just left them.
  • Seasons- Angel's english teacher loved this one.  I find myself developing a sort of empathy with said teacher.
  • Once the water was clear- I'll "freely" (clever pun) admit that I almost always hate free verse, since it seems that most poets who write it feel like since they don't have to worry about making sense or rhyming, they can string a bunch of idiocy together and call it a Deep Poem©.  But Angel's free verse rubs me the right way.  Maybe you too.  And if you don't go read it, you'll never know.
  • No Day Like Today- "And I saw a poem by Angel!  And it looked GOOD!"
  • An Orange Poem- ::pats Angel on the back::  It's okay, honey, it's okay.  We'll get you home...
  • Rocket Motto- Personal motto for Kasi, Noraku, and Kiritsu.  (Do you write "Kasi" as "KA SE i" or "KA SHI" in kana?)
  • Remembering You- Retrospect on a relationship Angel had.

Jesse's Poetry

Kefrin's Poetry

  • The Echoes of Me- Keffy-shmeffy wrote dis one for English class and boku wa RAIKUSU it.

Steph's Poetry

  • A Girl- Steph has a groovy poem about a groovy girl. ^_^
  • Memories in Time- What this poem really means is that if you get half your daily calorie intake from Dr Pepper, like me, you should stop because caffeine makes your memory cells die. That's not really what it's about at all. I lied.
  • A World of...- 'Tis about the good earth, yes, the good earth, where we fought and loved and-- nevermind.

Matt's Poetry

Anita's Poetry

  • shadows- This is gloomy and awesome and introspective and stuff!

Little Washuu's Poetry

Derek's Poetry

Liana's Poetry

Spyro's Poetry

  • Space Poetry- Space and the relationship between two people; officially untitled, but I kinda dug "space poetry" o_O