The Echoes of Me

I look into the sky and see
My life looking me straight in the face
But it's cloudy, and rain falls on occasion
The sounds of the birds
Fill my ear and my spirit
And open me to a new day

The sun rises on the horizon
And brings the song of my soul
To the ears of my unsure future
A still picture of beauty lies on my eyes
My life, my dreams, my hopes
All lie deep inside of me

The ever rolling hills of my views
Continue on as far as the eyes can see
And the wind of my voice
Blows softly on the ones I love
Or as fierce as a hurricane
To those who hate me

The sparkling seas of my knowledge
Pass by those who don't care
But enlighten the minds of those who listen
The faces of people from my past and my future
Are imbedded in my life, and my soul
Long after they part from the ground of my being

The love that people give
Is equal to the love I give them
They only receive from me
What they send in my direction
I hate no one, and would step
In the path of a train for anyone
A life is much more important
Than what most of us fret about every day of our lives

I look down at the world
And laugh on their stupidity
But grin at where they could go
I cringe at the thought of hate and war
But look forward to the days of peace
And of true eternal serenity

My song reverberates across the mountain of hopes and dreams
It's reflected on the stream of life
And is pulled in by the opaque caves
Of mystery and supernatural being
My song is heard wherever I go
And will remain there until the memories
Of my life are long and forgotten
But my song will never be forgotten
Because my song is the greatest song I have ever heard