The Hole in a Sister’s Heart

She tried and she tried,
But she could not sleep
For the promise to him
She’d vowed to keep.

“I will not forget you,”
She had said as she cried.
“I could not forget you,
Even if I tried.”

Her words replayed within her mind
As she stared up at the ceiling.
But why hadn’t her brother
Just kept on healing?

“How could he have left me,”
She thought once and again.
“He was always there for me,
He was my best friend.”

She looked at the picture
That sat upon her shelf.
He was dressed as Santa,
And she as an elf.

That was the Christmas
When she was two,
He was five and a half,
“We were so cute.”

She’d promised to remember him,
She swore that she would.
She’d remember him forever,
She knew that she could.

But then she saw him again,
In that hospital bed.
His face nearly hidden
By the bandage on his head.

That memory made her cry,
He had looked so helpless.
It really wasn’t fair,
For that accident, he was faultless.

She tried to stop remembering,
Then she recalled him say,
“I’ll be there for you in spirit
Helping you find your way.”

She smiled with the comfort
He’d offered a year before.
She hoped the comfort would stay with her
For many years more.

“I’ll think of him forever
‘Though it keeps me awake.
And I’ll stop running from the pain,
For my brother’s sake.”

“You were there for me in life,”
She said towards the sky.
“I’m sure you’re here for me in death,
Because our bond will never die.”

“I’ll love you always brother,”
She said as she smiled.
“But you should not have died so soon,
For you were still a child.”

Feeling his presence, she went to sleep
And dreamt of the times they’d shared.
And for the first time in over a year,
She wasn’t the least bit scared.

“I love you too dear sister,”
His voice came from the sky.
“I’ll watch over you forever
Throughout the rest of your life.”

“And yes, I say. I was a child,
But the love for you I showed
Was far too great to legally exist
Within that wonderful world.”

“But the world in which I now exist
Was built for a love so great.
So now I watch with a greater love
Behind this golden gate.”

And then his voice was silenced,
He could no longer talk.
For the hole left in his sister’s heart
Was filled and tightly locked.