One Thousand Candles

One thousand candles,
Streaming over the sky
I couldn't handle
Watching you cry
It's no transgression
For people to see
What kind of questions
You were asking me.
     And now the souls of all the people I've killed,
     I can see them in your eyes
     And now the remnants of the blood I've spilled,
     I can see it when you cry.
It shows that I'm to blame,
For the things in the past
It brings me more than shame
Wondering how long I'll last.
It would take just one more fight
To fill me up with hate.
Don't tell me what's wrong... or right
I don't care for a clean slate.
It would take just one more night
Without you to make me see
That when this is from spite
It's all right to act immorally
     And all the screams that reflect my fears
     I know they echo in your mind
     And all the hatred and the rage in my tears
     I can feel them when you lie.
I don't blame you if you don't believe
But you must stop asking why
If you want to know... just breathe
And look into my eyes
Nobody told me aggression was a crime
But all my memories are the same
Beating me and laughing the whole time
Him telling me that it's just a game
Don't frown, I'm not looking for pity
It never helps the situation
But don't call this something pretty
Because it's just infatuation.
     And all the days that pass monotonously
     That you banished from my sight
     And all the years that passed atrociously
     I still see them in the night