At the Cafe

I woke up at 7:30. At 7:20 I was out the door.

Jennifer got into my car. Which isn't really mine and I don't drive, so it was my dad's car and he was driving.

"My tooth fell off, so I superglued it back on." She says.

Upon arrival at school, we walked toward the dance portable and saw R.J. "Hi, Jen." he then bowed to me. "Princess."

"Stand, Peasant."

"Jen, don't go supergluing teeth!" He goes.


I walked outside with the ugly piece of wood in hand.

Ahhhh, freedom.

Well... sort of. In weather like this, it was almost more oppressive outdoors than inside. The humidity was so present you could feel it, and now with all the fires in Mexico (I'm sure the drunken NESA students down there have something to do with it), the haze is everywhere. No sky, no sun, no clouds... no air...

I looked down at my hand... and the restroom pass therin. I was going to my locker to retrieve my essays from the jaws of death. Then I saw April. "'Ello, April!" I greeted her. "Hi, Anja!!" She said in her cheery April voice... and proceeded to tell me all about how she'd had a sub and then she saw her boyfriend and yada yada.... it was a short conversation because we were walking in opposite directions.

I finally got to the dreaded East Wing.

The East Wing wasn't just a building.

It was an EVIL one.

I opened the door quietly, hoping with all my might that no one there would notice me. I walked by classroom after classroom, filled with evil students and teachers more evil than words can describe. I finally got to my locker-- number 510. I opened it and reached my hand inside.

I cringed when the Thing bit me. But it was just a little bite, and I didn't bleed much.

I found my essays, crumpled, and stained with the blood of the Thing's last snack-- one of the evil students. Didn't know him. Just as well.

I read over them as I walked back to the Home Ec building. I found them to be satisfactory... aber nicht die Besten. I mean, no one would pay for these... or would they? I was devising a scheme. A better scheme than I usually come up with on Fridays. Heh heh heh.

Once outside the East Wing, I glanced about furtively before I made a mad dash through the open spot between the East Wing, the Vocational Building, the library, and the Theatre... and then I saw April again. "'Ello again!" I greeted her cheerfully.

"Hi, again!" She greeted me back.

"Gooh-bye!" I said.

"Bye!" She said.

I got back to home ec and turned in the essays. Then, for lack of anything better to do, I turned a jawless fish into a mole.

Then the bell.

"BEEEEEEEEEEEP!" It screamed at me.

What loudness is this?!

I walked outside.

I sipped a Diet Coke.


I kept on walking toward the East Wing, then past.... treading the narrow path between the Vocational building and the Evil wing... until finally, I saw Jennifer.

"'Ello!" I said. I said that a lot this afternoon.

"Hi, I gotta pee."

Nice greeting.

So her entire class was in the bathroom then.


We walked around for a good long while until about 3:45, when we walked on over to a place beyond the portables and boarded the Mothership.

Once home I changed clothes three times in the space of ten minutes and then headed off to a music store.

I got home, ate supper... changed clothes again... and sat down to write a bad story for Silla's Cafe because she was in trouble.