Day in the Life of AnJa (like anyone cares)

My family took a field trip... to McDonald's... although not without considerable protest from me. Their argument was that they needed to eat supper SOMEWHERE, and I wondered who ever said anything about eating. Later, I realised this was probably my father's ploy to avoid eating the tofu dish we WERE going to have for supper.

So, at McDonalds, we discussed our vacation, our house, all that rot. Since our vacation typically takes us to the southwest portion of the United States, my sister and I suggested the places we needed to visit: Marfa (to see the mysterious lights), Roswell (to see the crash site, if we could, and UFO museum), and Nevada (to drive around until we found Area 51). I also thought, if we were going to go as far as the redwood forest, why not go all the way to Oregon and search for Bigfoot. Because that's just the kind of person I am, ever since I saw a ghost when I was little... in my very own house... and possibly was abducted when I was a baby...

My sister gasped, waking me up. "Don't you have to be there at ten?!" She said.

"Huh?" I looked at the clock. 9:58. Just like I had dreamed the other night...

She ran out to get Mom and Dad, and I got dressed in my bell-bottoms, black Grinch shirt, and Birkenstocks. I didn't bother with my hair or makeup... no time, you know. I ran out to the kitchen and grabbed a Diet Coke. My mom drove me to the driving school, where I was scheduled to drive in 45 seconds.

I didn't finish my drink, so I gave it to Mum, and walked inside.

"Hi," I was greeted.

I managed a smile and said in my tired voice, "I just woke up two minutes ago."

"Well, you look good when you just wake up." He said. Very nice, him.

Today's driving instructor looked at something, and said, "Hi, Angie."

"Hi," I said.

Today I drove a black Buick... not so hot, but at least it was an automatic.

I got home a little over an hour later and drank a liter of water. Couldn't find anything good that I wanted for breakfast, so I just had four Oreos.

That night we had Tofu. Yay!

Next morning I woke up with really groovy blonde streaks in my hair, at least three shades lighter than little sister Rachel's blonde hair... and me with my medium brownish reddish blackish darkish hair... very nice. See, my mother had gone from "You're NOT highlighting your hair!" To "I'm gonna make you blonde!" In a matter of hours that very day we went to McDonalds. So Saturday we went to the beauty supply store and got stuff to highlight my hair, and Saturday night my hair acquired the streakety coolness.

That's my life, in its boring everydayness and all...