I took a deep breath and tried to take in my surroundings.

From up here, at the very top of a tree, I could see everything happening in the clearing, and what's better: No one down there could see me.

Some kind of ritualistic dance, it looked like. I couldn't quite figure it out. But there they were, a circle of about 25 people, dressed strangely and hopping about as if they had ants inside their odd costumes.

They were chanting, too.

I clung very tightly to the branches and breathed as quietly as I could.

I decided I'd had enough and that I'd sneak away, so I climbed down the tree... down... down... down... still further down... I thought it should have been the ground long ago, but still I climbed down.

Eventually, I felt my foot hit sand. I blinked in a vain attempt to overpower the sun. But the sun won... just like always. Gone were the trees, the clearing, and the dancers, and I was in a desert. I like deserts, but it's not a great place to wind up without my knowing, now is it? I took only about five steps before I suddenly fell through the sand to a chamber below. "Whoa!!" says I, "That's pretty groovy!" I walked along in this cavern, and looked all around, seeing nothing, really, except cavern walls...

I heard water dripping.

"A wet cave? Inconceivable." I told myself. "This is the desert. They can't have a wet cave!! Has to be dry formed!" I looked up at the ceiling, expecting to see the fossilised remains of the ocean floor. "WHAT?!" This was crazy. I was in a cave in the desert and there was water dripping and the ceiling wasn't the floor.

"But the water CAN'T be real!" So I tried to follow the horrid dripping noise. It led me right to a drippy faucet. "AAAAAAAH!!!!!" I screamed. "WATER WASTER!!!" I turned it off. "THEY WON'T GET AWAY WITH IT!! NO MORE WASTING OUR AQUIFER!!!!" I tried to make an empty threat to no one at all.

I crumbled over in pain. My leg.... right under the shin, it felt like. Like a calf cramp, only in front. I clutched my left leg, trying to rub the hurting out.

"Take a look at my girlfriend..." blared Supertramp over my radio.

I sat up on my bed to turn the volume up. I thought about how much I really REALLY didn't want to do my Biology homework. "Oh, well... I'll never have Biology homework again... if I'm lucky... at least no more this year."

I decided to take a break, so I threw my books aside and laid down.

I looked up at the spiders hanging over my by their cobwebs, and the strange green glow eminating from them.

Suddenly, my toy lightsabre started acting on its own. It made noises and blinked at me.

It wasn't supposed to do that. I was terrified.