I Feel Like Schist

Well, it was a day like any other... a normal one.

Normal for me.

Which is to say, anyone else in the world's head would have already exploded.

But me, I'm used to this sort of thing, so I was fine.

It all started around 11.30, when I woke up. It's pretty late to wake up on a school day.

But it wasn't a school day, so it was alright.

The sun streamed in through my window, looking very beautiful, but causing it to be very hot in my room. So, I closed the blinds and went back to sleep.

Or, rather, tried to. Because precisely 32 seconds after I'd done this, my mom walked into my room and said, "You need to get up... your dental appointment is in an hour, so you should start getting ready..."

I sat up, groggily, and rubbed my eyes. I looked around my room, which looked just like it always does. Some spiders hung down from my ceiling, just like always, the beaded curtain to my closet waved at me, just like always, and the little people were hiding so I wouldn't realise they were there. Just like always.

I got up and got dressed in some groovy threads and made breakfast. Sort of.

Then I went to the dentist and stuff.

After I got my teeth cleaned, I walked back outside and some suspicious-looking people scurried around a corner. Being the inquisitive sort of person that I am, I followed them.

Well, as it turns out, it's a good thing I did.

These cats were up to NO GOOD, I tell you!! They were (dunh dunh DUNH) International SPIES!!!!

Well, I can't allow that, you know.

So, I ran at them, fists flying.

And then I realised there was no need to fight them because they were just Russian Communists.

And then I hit myself on the head and told me that that's EXACTLY why I should be fighting them, so I did.

And then they got away.

I was bummed.

But then I stopped caring because this isn't my country anyway... or my planet, for that matter, so it really doesn't affect me in ANY way.

The End.