Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
a tale of Star Collectors and Some of Shelly's Blues--the benefits of Listening to Linda

©1998 St. Matthew Enterprises

It was just another Sunday for Mary and Shelly, the most popular (and only) twins of Pleasant Valley. The local rock group, "Down the Street" was trying hard to learn their song in Mr. Webster's garage, which had been considered pretty much public property since Mr. Webster himself ran away and took all the bank's money. Charcoal was burning in just about every back yard in the rows of houses that were all the same. Always a cookout...

Mary's best friend, Saundra, was over, and they were comparing star collections. "Oh, you've got that one!!!!" Mary spotted a star of Saundra's that she particularly liked.

"Sure do, what of it?" Saundra raised an eyebrow.

"Well... do you have a double of it?" Mary asked.

"Yeah, actually. Here." Saundra handed it to Mary, giggling.

"Thanks!!!" Mary was really happy.

Shelly sat in her room... alone with her blues. She was always finding something to be disheartened about. Right now , it was because she'd just broken up with Mike.

A knock sounded at her bedroom door. " Come in..." Shelly called sadly.

"Hold on, girl, help is on its way!" Linda announced as she walked in. She'd been Shelly's best friend forever, and was the only one who could pull her out of these funks she was always gettin' in.

"You told me not to break up with him..." Shelly began. "Why didn't I listen to you?"

"No one ever listens to me, it's alright." Linda shrugged. "Besides, he didn't want to break up, either, maybe he'd take you back? You are, after all, the kind of girl he could love..."

Just then, the phone rang.

"SHELLY!" Shouted Shelly's mom. "PHONE FOR YOU!"

Shelly rushed downstairs "Hello?... MIKE!"

Linda looked at her datebook. She crossed off the "2:15-- talk to Shelly" entry--right under the "1:45--talk to Mike" notation. "2:20--go on home, gladly leave that girl at home" it said. She checked her watch. 2:19. Whistling, she started Goin' Down the stairs and out the door.