Super Geno RPG
Chapter 1


"Would you hurry up already?! The boss's already mad enough we're late!"

"All right, all right, hold your horses! Sheesh..."


Three men, mean looking and clad in black robes, ambled down the dirt path through Rose Way. It was twilight, the sun was giving off its last rays of light, and tiny stars were beginning to shine, popping up one by one. One of the men complained as the wind whipped up his robe over his face and rustled through the branches of nearby palm trees.

"Oof! I CAN'T STAND this breeze!"

"Well, why don't you try wearing underpants under your robe next time, huh?!"

One of the men, their leader, was watching the other two arguing, and was growing quite annoyed. Finally, figuring he had to do something, he spoke up.


Yerin had finally pushed his robe back down into place. "Yeah?"


Reno had finally stopped yelling at Yerin. "Yeah, what is it?"


The other two gulped. "Yes, sir." What they got for a reply was a small nod.

"That's better," thier leader said to himself. He looked up, and noticed their destination wasn't much farther.

"Come on, Rose Town's up ahead. Get ready..."

Reno and Yerin nodded silently, and followed thier leader into the sanctity of that tiny village.


Gaz's mother leaned against her desk at the Rose Town Inn, and sighed.  Business had been getting slow these days, and with no customers coming in, she was bored out of her mind. She rested her head in her hands and looked out of the window nearby, watching the sun fade out completely and hide under the horizon. The stars, growing in number, twinkled in delight in the darkening sky...

"HAAAAALLLPPP! HAAAAAAALLLLPPPP! Oh, Mario, please help me!!"

"Can it, princess! You're comin' with ME!"

"Boing boing...boing boing...Mario's here to save the day!"

Gaz's mother giggled as she watched her son play with his dolls. Things may have gotten dull around here since Geno left a month ago, but at least Gaz was still entertained. She just wished that he would quiet down a little bit...

"Boing boing...SUPER JUMP ATTACK!!"

"HAH! You think you're gonna beat me with that lame old trick? Take THIS!"

"HAAAALLLPPP!! HAAAALLLPPP!!! Oh, someone please save--huh? Hey mom, we got customers."

Yerin, Reno, and thier leader stood at the entrance to the inn, looking about the room and setting their sights on Gaz's mother. She had looked up and walked over to the trio, relieved to have potential customers at last. She smiled at the three, and then spoke up.

"Hi! How can I help you?" she inquired cheerfully.

Yerin, Reno, and thier leader stared straight into the innkeeper's eyes, and flashed evil looking smiles. The leader turned to his two cohorts, nodded his head to each of them, then turned to Gaz's mother. The trio each removed bundles of rope from thier sleeves and cracked them in unison.

"Hold still. Yerin, know what to do."

Reno and Yerin advanced on Gaz's mother, and dived for her, and barely missed the innkeeper. Gaz's mother dashed off and tried to go around them, but unfortunately, Reno and Yerin were way too fast for her. Gaz's mother was tackled to the ground by the two cloaked men, who attempted to hold her down, managing to do so despite the innkeeper's screaming and struggling.


Little Gaz was screaming loudly for help and making a mad dash to the door, only to run into Reno and Yerin's leader. He snapped his rope, and looked down on the now shaking little boy.

"Ah, no you don't, kid. You're coming with us!"

The leader lunged and grabbed poor Gaz, held him down and put an end to his crying and struggling with a swift, hard blow to the head. A bruise began to form on the side of the poor boy's head, and stars began to float around his eyes, till his eyes shut and his body lay limp. The same had been done to his mother, who was now unconscious and properly tied up by Reno and Yerin.  The two, brushing off thier hands, stood up and admired thier handywork, watching bruises form on both sides of her head. Thier leader, now tying up little Gaz, looked at the two.

"Good work," he commented. "Now come on, let's take these two to the boss."

Reno and Yerin each took hold of Gaz's mother and smiled at each other. Their boss would be very pleased, and they knew it well. Starting in unison, they dragged Gaz's mother out of the Inn and out of the sleeping Rose Town, with thier leader carrying Gaz right behind them.


Meanwhile, up high in the sky, above the clouds and just beyond the moon, a tiny star twinkled and flew out of the Star Road, beginning its descent to the world below. Through clouds and over hills, the little star flew, above trees and over water until it reached its destination: Rose Town.

Once there, the little star promptly flew over to the chimney of the Rose Town Inn, and entered the building through it. Inside, the tiny star headed over to the bookcase in the main room, where Gaz's beloved Geno doll stood in a silent slumber, ready and waiting to be awakened. The tiny star flew directly above the doll, almost touching the ceiling, and then spun in a tight circle, forming a bright beam of light, and then flew through that beam and into the doll....

"Hello Gaz, it's nice to see you ag--huh?"

Geno looked about the room, quite puzzled. The place was dark, cold and empty...nowhere near the normal, friendly atmosphere that the Inn possessed. No one was to be found.

"Funny..." Geno mused. "Usually the Inn is still open at this time..."

Wondering what was going on, Geno walked to the desk by the stairway and turned on the light. Although the light was dim, he could see that something bad, very bad, had happened here. Gaz's toys lay about the room, broken and torn. Geno walked over to where they lay, and picked up a broken Mario doll, its head and arm now torn, with stuffing falling out of each rip.

"Gaz would never leave his toys out like this..." Geno said, worry starting to grow in his low, gentle voice. He looked at the toy a little more, and turned it on its side, noticing something very peculiar...

"Blood?!" Geno whispered with alarm. Now he knew for sure that something was seriously wrong, and, looking at the doll, he put the subtle clues he found together in his mind.

'The inn is deserted...Gaz's toys are broken, and stained with blood. This shouldn't ever have happened, unless...'

Then, in an instant, it hit him. He, now knowing what happened, dropped the  Mario doll and looked up, his crimson eyes shining with alarm.


Geno bolted out of the Inn door, letting the wind close it behind him.