Super Geno RPG
Chapter 2


Geno was frantic. He, now outside, dashed down the dirt path leading from the Inn, looking for some clue of Gaz and his mother's whereabouts. His eyes scanned everywhere around him, noting the inky blackness of the sky and the full moon shining its light down on everything. Then, as his gaze fell upon the path a few feet away from him, he noticed a sparkle. Geno ran over to the source of the sparkle, hopeful that he found a clue. He kneeled down, scooped up the sparkling thing in his hand, and brought it to his eyes.

"Blood," Geno whispered to himself. "just like that on the doll..."

Geno stayed still for a second, in thought, then rose and brushed off his hands. He could see more specks of blood on the ground, gleaming in the moonlight. It formed a little trail that led outside of Rose Town and into the darkness of the woods. He had all the information he needed now.

"Gaz," Geno said as he looked up at the moon. "Don't worry, I'm coming."

He gave the dark, star filled sky a soft nod, wishing for luck, and then headed into the forest.


"Damn it, Yerin, would you hurry up and open the gate already?!"

"I'm trying, I'm trying!!"


Yerin and Reno's leader slapped his forehead. Those two idiots have been going at it ever since they got here, arguing, fighting, and trying to open the gate all at the same time. He sighed, and looked around, admiring the hiding place they've found here, very deep in the woods. Completely surrounded by the cover of trees, he was sure that no one would ever be able to find them. He hoped so, anyway...

"Yerin, give me that damn key!!"

"No way! Screw you, I can open the gate!"

"Hand it over!"

"Make me!!"

Their leader spun around immediately as Yerin and Reno started throwing punches at each other. He saw the key in Yerin's hand dangling and about to fall to the ground. Getting very angry and annoyed, he ran to the other two.

"HEY!" The leader yelled at Yerin and Reno. "You idiots are gonna break the boss's portal key! And do you know what'd happen if that happened?!"

Reno and Yerin, both choking each other, stopped, turned to their leader and shook their heads. "Well..." their leader said in a soft tone...


As the leader spent the next few minutes bitching his cohorts out, a tiny noise could be heard from across the clearing. Yerin's ears perked up at the sound of it, knowing at once what it was, and that the leader had to know about it.

"Uh, boss..."

"Now when I tell you to quit messing with Yerin, you do that, you hear?!..."


"...And another thing, I don't want anymore of your back talk!..."



Yerin pointed his finger across the clearing. "The kid's awake," he said. The leader stood there for a second, his eyes fixed at Yerin, and then slowly turned around and faced the other side of the clearing. Sure enough, little Gaz had come to, and now, although tied up, he was attempting to wake his mom. The leader's eyes widened, and he dashed over to the other side of the clearing, dragging Yerin and Reno along with him.

"Mommy! Mommy! Please wake up!!"

Little Gaz was shouting in his mother's ear, and shaking her incessantly, but to no avail. Gaz's mother remained there, unconscious; her body rested against the ropes, limp, with blood dripping and trailing down the side of her head. A gash on her forehead, surrounded by a large, purple bruise, served as the blood's source. Little Gaz cried and kept calling out, until three shadows loomed over him. The little boy looked up, now terrified, and completely silenced. Yerin, Reno, and their leader stood in front of Gaz, looking down on the shaking boy. The leader bent down, his blood red eyes beginning to glow.

"You make any more noise, you damn brat," he snarled, shoving his fist in front of Gaz's face, "and I'll give you an ass kicking you'll never forget."

"You will do no such thing."

Yerin, Reno, their leader, and Gaz looked ahead. Geno stood, three feet away from them, his cape blowing in a light breeze. Moonlight shone down on him, making shadows fall on his face and causing his crimson eyes to gleam. He, with his arms folded and his eyes piercing through those of the shadowy trio, looked very, very angry.

"Geno!!" little Gaz cried out, his eyes sparkling, ecstatic that his hero had finally come.

The leader sized Geno up. "So that's who you are," he commented, a hint of sarcasm showing up in his voice.

"Release them," Geno said, his eyes glaring. "You have no right to hold them hostage. Let them go!"

The leader smiled, and looked Geno in the eye for a moment. "Yerin...Reno... take him."

Yerin and Reno nodded to their leader, and obliged. Geno pulled his arm back as it transformed into a gun, and began to charge up. As he did, Yerin and Reno made a mad dash for him, their blood red eyes glowing. Just as they reached Geno, the blue battler extended his arm.


A large, blue beam of light fired itself from Geno's arm, propelled itself through the air, collided with Yerin's stomach and sent him flying into a tree, showing off spectacular bolts of hot blue electricity in its wake. Yerin's body slid down the tree, and Yerin lay there, dazed. Reno watched the spectacular sight, and turned to Geno, his fists tightening.

"You're gonna pay for that!!"

Reno charged at Geno, completely enraged, as Geno's arm turned back to normal and made a fist. Reno came in, giving Geno a hard punch to the face, and receiving an uppercut in return. Geno continued his attack, ruthlessly throwing punches and jabs at Reno's face, and giving Reno a hard roundhouse kick to his side, taking away his breath and cracking a rib or two. Reno gasped for air, and, when he gained his second wind, went on the offensive. Reno lunged and tackled Geno to the ground, giving him a few punches to Geno's face, only to be promptly thrown off and attacked...


Geno looked up. The leader had taken Gaz and his mother, and, the two in separate bonds, had managed to carry them on his back to the other side of the clearing. Gaz was squirming and screaming, and the two henchmen's leader was busy trying to shut him up. After that, he held up the key he took from Yerin, and Geno's eyes widened in amazement as a gate opened up before the leader. Reno, picking himself up, found a golden opportunity, and lunged at Geno. Geno, not caring about Reno anymore, caught him and threw him to the side, and began to dash across the clearing, Reno, and the now recovered Yerin chasing after him. The leader turned around, his eyes widening in shock, with Gaz screaming and reaching out to Geno as the blue battler and the two henchmen approached. Geno's heart raced faster and faster, his adrenaline rush growing more and more intense as he got to the screaming and crying Gaz...


Geno dived for Gaz, and just as he almost grabbed the little boy, the leader, Yerin, Reno, and the hostages disappeared into the gate, shutting it behind him, and making Geno fall to the ground with a loud thud. He lay there for a second, and picked himself up, stunned at the events that just flew by him. His adrenaline rush fading and his heart returning to a normal pace, Geno looked down at the ground. He couldn't believe it. He had failed to save Gaz and his mother. Geno took a step back, thinking about the gate that the shadowy trio and their hostages disappeared into. Geno knew that Gaz and his mother had to be saved, and to do so, he had to find a way to enter the gate that the Yerin, Reno, and their leader utilized. He also knew that someone had some information about the gate, and that someone was a someone that Geno knew.

"Frogfucius, of course!" Geno said to himself. "Perhaps he knows how to open that gate."

Geno left the forest clearing, hopeful that there could be a way to save little Gaz.