Super Geno RPG
Chapter 3


Dawn was approaching. The sun was slowly crawling up into the rosy sky, snuffing out tiny stars and setting the clouds on fire on its journey. Birds' songs floated through the air on a light, gentle breeze, and morning dew dripped off the blades of fresh green grass. Geno walked down the dirt path that led through Tadpole Pond, enjoying the sight of the coming dawn, as he approached the edge of the water. A little tadpole, who was swimming by, noticed the blue battler walking up, and swam toward him.

"Hi," The little tadpole greeted cheerfully. "How can I help you?"

Geno, stepping closer to the water, heeded the tadpole's call. "I'm here to see Frogfucius," the blue battler replied.

The tadpole gave Geno a suspicious look. "Why? What do you need him for?"

"Something...very important..." the blue battler said.

The tadpole thought for a moment. "Oh. Ok. Come on guys, form a bridge to Frogfucius's place."

Geno watched as the tadpole disappeared into the water, and then, a minute later, pop up with a group of other tadpoles, who organized themselves into a single file bridge. Geno hopped and landed on the first tadpole, then the next, and continued doing that until he stepped foot onto the island across from the shore, and discovered a crying Frogfucius. Frogfucius, tears trailing down his green cheeks, looked up at a now very concerned Geno, who was approaching the old frog.

"What happened? Are you all right?" Geno asked, worry rising in his voice.

Frogfucius turned and faced Geno, trying to control his tears. " from the waterway...." the old frog choked out between sobs.

"What did you hear?" The blue battler inquired.

"T..they're all gone...t..taken....Mallow and his parents....Mario....P..Peach.... and even Bowser...."

Geno gave Frogfucius a surprised look. First Gaz and his mother are kidnapped, and now the Mario clan is abducted as well? The blue battler was sure that the cloaked trio, and that strange portal of theirs, was behind this....

" know who took them...d..don't you? A...and you know save them?" Frogfucius asked, out of the blue. He looked up at Geno, who gave the old frog a nod.

"There is a problem, though," the blue battler replied. "You see...the ones that have abducted little Mallow and the others, take their abductees through a strange portal, one that I must utilize in order to find their victims. I was hoping that you, perhaps, knew of a way to do so."

Frogfucius sniffled, thought for a moment, and then turned to Geno. "I..I wish I knew," the old frog said in reply. "But, perhaps...t..the inventor that lives Moleville...can help you. A..ask him about it."

"Thanks for your help, Frogfucius," Geno replied. "I promise you that I'll bring everyone back, safe and sound." The blue battler turned to leave, but before he took one step, he felt a cold and clammy hand rest on his shoulder. Geno turned around, to find Frogfucius facing him, a half smile forming on his tear-stained face.

"Good luck," the old frog said.

Geno gave Frogfucius a soft nod, and then departed, headed for Moleville.


"This had better be good, Davan."

Yerin and Reno, who had managed to recover from the previous night's wounds, stood to the side and watched as their leader bowed before their Queen. They had returned an hour ago, and with quite a catch, as Davan was explaining to her Highness at the moment.

"Hmm," their Queen said. "An innkeeper and her son...and also the Mario clan. Perhaps you and your two idiot sidekicks did something good for once. Good work..."

The cloaked trio smiled. They enjoyed the low, purring sound that their Queen's voice made when she was pleased, Reno especially. He loved the way that their Queen's voice matched her every feature perfectly, from her smooth, sweet, curvy frame, to the silk, midnight blue dress that fit her like a glove. Reno's eyes traveled upward, tasted the sight of his Queen's delicate feet, covered by high heels of the same color as her dress, and devoured the smooth, vanilla skin that was revealed as his Queen crossed her legs. But as Reno's eyes traveled up, his eyes feasted on something wonderful: his Queen's beautiful cleavage, which served as a mere appetizer to what was hidden beneath the low-cut top of her dress: his Queen's large, round, beautiful breasts, the sight of which dazzled Reno, and made large drops of drool start to run down his chin....


Reno shouted and jumped in shock, to find Yerin, their Queen, and Davan, the cloaked trio's leader, staring at him. Reno stared back, and this lasted for a long moment of complete silence, until someone finally spoke up.

"ANYWAY....when Reno wipes the drool off of his face and starts to pay attention, I will continue giving you your next mission."

Reno immediately obliged, and watched as his Queen rose gracefully, and sauntered down the steps leading from her throne, and walked to the center of the room, swinging her hips a little with each step. She stopped, suddenly, and raised her slender arms high in the air, and whispered words from a far off and ancient language. The Queen's body began to glow a gentle sky blue, and a somewhat large orb floated down from the ceiling, until it was at chest level with the Queen. Her arms returned to her sides, and she turned to the cloaked trio.

"Come forward," she commanded.

Yerin, Reno, and Davan made a mad dash to reach their Queen, tripping over each other and cursing all the way. She shook her head, ashamed that her three henchmen had to go through such antics just to walk a few feet. She could only imagine how they managed to abduct all those wonderful victims...

"What's our next mission, your Beautiful, Wonderful, Angelic, Big Busted..."



The Queen rolled her eyes. "Now then," she announced. "Here is the game plan." She placed her hand to the large orb in front of her, waited as she watched the orb glow, and then moved her hand. The sphere now showed a map of the Mushroom Kingdom, as it would appear through a fortune teller's crystal ball. The Queen directed her henchmen's attention to an area far south on the map.

"Here is your next target," she said. "...Booster Tower. You are to bring the inhabitants of the building here, and then destroy the Tower."

Yerin, Reno, and Davan stood there for a moment, dedicating their mission to memory. As they did, thoughts started floating into Yerin's head, thoughts of last night, particularly one of that blue doll thing that had attacked him and his cohorts...

"Umm...umm...wait! Your Highness! We, uh...forgot to tell you...when we were dropping off the first batch of hostages, this strange looking doll thing came and attacked us, trying to take away our victims! What if he shows up again?"

The Queen turned and faced Yerin, looking down at him with her crystal blue eyes. She wished that Yerin would've mentioned this little detail sooner, but knowing him and the other two, she was surprised they had bothered to remember such an incident at all. This would have to call for a change of plans...

"Hand over the key," their Queen commanded. Davan immediately obliged, and watched in shock as the Queen snapped the key into thirds, and handed a piece to each of her henchmen.

"You will attack Booster Tower as I have already stated. When you have completed your mission, put these pieces back together, and report to me here. If, by chance, this strange man you speak of interferes, you all must separate, each of you protecting your piece of the key. You must not let him get his hands on these pieces, understand?"

Yerin, Reno, and Davan nodded, carelessly tossing their pieces of the key in their hands and giggling when they dropped them. The Queen slapped her forehead in utter disgust...she knew it was a mistake to trust those idiots with her portal key, but she didn't have much of a choice about it.

"Would you get going already?!" she snapped in agitation.

The cloaked trio immediately obliged, and dashed out of the throne room, kicking up their robes and tripping all the way. "I'm going to regret this," the Queen mumbled to herself. She sighed softly, walked over to her throne, plopped down and summoned the large orb over to her. With a wave of her hand, the picture the orb displayed changed from a map of the Mushroom Kingdom to a surveillance view of a huge room, holding a large machine, which was surrounded by computers. The Queen watched as technicians, clad in lab coats, waltzed into the room and stood in front of the computers, pushing buttons and flipping switches in a repulsively repetitive pattern. How those technicians enjoyed such boring work was quite beyond her Highness's comprehension.

"But after all," the Queen said to herself. "That IS the Soul Machine, of my design...and each and every day, with every unfortunate creature that the Soul Machine robs of life, I come a step closer to taking over this world... to enjoying the looks on the faces of those who must either surrender to my will, or face utter destruction...."

The Queen sent her large orb away, stood up, and stretched gracefully, like a cat in the morning. She was tired, bored, and sick of ranting to herself. As she sauntered through her throne room and reached the doors, she gave herself a mental note. 'When this world is mine,' she thought, 'I will name it after myself...Desdemona.'

Smiling to herself, Queen Desdemona departed from her throne room and slammed the doors behind her.