Super Geno RPG
Chapter 4


Geno looked up at the midmorning sky as he entered the town of Moleville. A light breeze danced through the air and carried a few light clouds on its back, bringing them past the slowly ascending sun. The sky, the ground, and everything in between sent out a cheerful aura; but Geno knew that something was amiss. Not all was at it should be. He saw proof of this when he spotted Moleville's citizens running about frantically, gossiping and chattering as if the sky was about to fall on them...

"Hey, mister!"

Geno blinked his eyes and looked around, rather surprised that his train of thought was suddenly broken.

"Down here, mister!"

The blue battler obliged, and his eyes rested upon the sight of a short, chubby little Mole-girl, who wielded a rattle and carried a tiny baby on her back. A large smile crept across her face, and by that smile(and that large bow the little girl wore), Geno could tell who she was.

"Hello Dyna."

Dyna gave a little jump, surprised that Geno knew her name. She looked him over for a second, and when she recognized the blue battler's identity, her eyes lit up.

"You're one of Mario's friends, aren't you? How come you're comin' around here? How come you ain't with Mario?"

Geno paused. "I have come," he replied, "to speak to the inventor here."

Dyna scratched her head in confusion. "The who...?"

"The fireworks man," the blue battler said. "Do you know where he is?"

"Oh. Oh yeah. He's over by the mines, talking to Pa about somethin', all scared and stuff. Everyone's scared today...I wonder why..."

Geno gave the little Mole-girl a gentle nod. "So do I, Dyna. Thanks for your help."

Geno headed off toward the entrance to the Moleville mines, having to push and pardon his way through a crowd of Mole-men and Mole-women who were too busy chattering to notice him. He managed to make it out alive, though, and when he reached the inventor and Dyna's father, something the inventor said grabbed Geno's attention.

"Did ya hear what happened in Rose Town?"

"Sure did. Poor lil' young'un and his ma, just up an' snatched away! How are the other folks handlin' it?"

The inventor paused a moment. "They ain't doin' too good...and rumors've been sayin' that them Mario brothers've been taken too! This ain't no good, no good at all..."

Dyna's father gave a shocked look, but quickly recomposed himself. "That's some bad news, right there. The wives're gonna fall off their damn rockers over it, I'll wager."

"I just hope that Dyna or any of the other young'uns don't get snatched up too."

'So, that's what everyone is so worried about,' Geno thought to himself. 'I don't blame them for being worried, either...'

"Whoa! Hey there, stranger!"

Geno looked up. Dyna's father and the inventor were giving Geno strange looks; it was obvious that they have never seen a living, life-sized caped doll before. After a moment, Geno faced the inventor, and spoke up.

"Would you mind if I spoke to you for a moment?"

The inventor raised an eyebrow. "Why? What for?"

"It's about what happened in Rose Town," Geno replied. "I know who has taken the innkeeper and her son there."

"Wow! Ya do?!" Dyna's father and the inventor exclaimed. "Tell us who did it!"

"Well, it's kind of a long story," Geno said, "But here goes..."

The blue battler then told them everything, from when he found Gaz's toys broken and bloody, to his encounter with Yerin, Reno, and Davan, up until this point in time. It was, as Geno said, a long story, and it took the two moles a few minutes to let the story sink in.

"So," Geno asked, "Do you think you can help me save them?"

Dyna's father and the inventor looked at each other and chatted amongst themselves for a minute or two, then turned to Geno with their answer.

"If it'll keep Dyna and the other young'uns from harm, we'll help ya out," the inventor said.

Geno gave a little smile. "Thank you."


"Ooh, Booster, c'mere and let's have a little fun..."

Valentina gave her husband a wicked, seductive smile, as her coal black eyes glistened in the firelight. Booster cowered under his very horny wife, his fear growing more intense as Valentina climbed on top of him like a bird of prey, her large breasts brushing against his face.

"Don't be afraid, baby," Valentina said in a soft, soothing voice. "We're just gonna relive our honeymoon...won't that be fun?"

Booster gulped. This was the part about marriage that he always hated...sure, it was nice to have a friend and companion to play with him and keep him company, but Valentina wanted to "play" a different way. All Booster could do was lay there and hope for this to end, as Valentina went in for the kill...




Valentina looked up, her eyes flashing with annoyance. "WHO IS THERE?!" she shouted angrily. "How DARE you disturb Booster and I?!"


The doors to Booster's bedroom flew off in a large explosion, sending Snifits 1, 2, and 3 screaming and flying right into Booster and Valentina. Valentina threw the 3 snifits off of her, as Booster managed to get up and make his getaway from his overly horny wife...

And run right smack into Yerin, Reno, and Davan.

The cloaked trio looked down on the unfortunate Booster, arms folded, eyes glowing, with demonic smiles forming on their faces. This was the part of the job they liked. They stepped into the room and over the remains of Booster's doors, as the totem pole like man backed away. He, Valentina and the Snifits made a mad dash outside, and skidded to a halt as they reached the edge of Booster's balcony. Yerin, Reno, and Davan coolly walked outside to join them, their eyes glowing brighter.

"Don't bother running," Reno said, smiling.

"This's the end of the line," Yerin snarled.

Davan looked at his two cohorts, the smiles on their faces growing wider. After a moment, they each pulled out a piece of their gate key, given to them by their Queen, and put them together. The key started to glow and float in the air, forming a large, bright blue gate in front of the cloaked trio. The key, its job done, broke apart and fell into Yerin, Reno, and Davan's hands. Putting their pieces away, the cloaked trio smiled at each other, and then faced the absolutely terrified Booster and company. Davan nodded to his two cohorts.

"Yerin, know what to--"

"Uh, boss?"


Yerin directed Davan's attention to the low, powerful rumbling sound that was traveling up Booster Tower. Yerin gave his boss an alarmed look.

"You remember when we planted those bombs down at the lobby, right?"

Davan looked at Yerin. "Yeah, why?"


The tower began to shake violently, causing Yerin, Reno, and Davan to fall down. Booster looked at them, and then up at Valentina, who was charging up for what seemed like a powerful attack. Booster knew, deep down inside, that he had to save his wife from these intruders, but also that she'd be VERY angry afterward....

"Yerin, Reno, hurry up and GET THEM IN THE GATE!!!"

The cries of Booster's 3 Snifits brought Booster back to reality. Loud explosions were brightening up the surrounding area, and the tower was beginning to crumble... If Booster was going to do something, he was going to do it NOW. Booster ran over and picked up his wife, who had just gotten ready to attack.


Booster gave his wife a sad, and kind of hopeful look. "Sorry, honeybuns, but this is for your own good."

Booster then jumped, and hurled his wife off of Booster Tower and into a grove of nearby trees. Her screams and cries, so loud and obnoxious, could be heard over the melee of the tower's destruction, until they suddenly stopped. Booster smiled. Valentina had been caught by a large tree branch, and then another, and another...

"What are you waiting for?! Get the totem pole! HURRY IT UP, ALREADY!!"

Yerin and Reno obliged to Davan's command, and snatched up Booster with surprisingly relative ease. They smiled to each other; Booster was obviously going quietly. The totem pole like man let them drag him into the gate, and as Yerin and Reno threw Booster in, all he could do was smile.

After all, his wife made it out alive.