I never noticed before how round the moon is....
AnJa's Stories

Nezu's Story

  • True Story- I believe her, don't you?  How does "spiffy" grab you?

Princess Toadstool's Story

  • The Evilhead- ....Dude. And to think I thought ALL computers were benevolent.

Jinjo's Story

  • Thou Shalt Not: The story of Mallow's birth and Valentina's one desire- SMRPG fanfic. REALLY good.

Spud Monk's Story

DarkMillenia's Story

NeoYoshiB's Story

  • Locker Zombies- Dis is beddy nice~ wagahai ga kore o GUROKKU. And I'm transferring to Graham Park to meet the new student. -^____^-

Daydree's Story

  • One August Night- It's a sweet story about a bourgeoise and her family of bourgeoisie during the French Revolution! =D She even won a contest, how smooth is that?