Locker Zombies

I went to school. Graham Park is the evilest school.

I opened my locker, hoping that my bag would fit, because it's not everyday you make French crepes for 35 people.

I looked at the bottom of my locker, and next to my government book lay my research paper on fish.

I thought to myself, "Hey, I need to turn that in."

I reached down and picked it up to put it in my already ridiculously overstuffed binder.

And then, I felt a cold pinch on my wrist.

I looked. Oh my golly, there was a ReDead stuffed in locker number 649! I hit it on the head with my math book, making it dislodge from my bleeding wrist.

I went to the clinic. The nurse asked, "What bit you? A leech?"

I replied, "Er…rather a ReDead."

She gave me some bandages and some gauze and told me to lay down. She went to the principal's office.

She yelled, "We have another ReDead attack."

"What locker?" responded Mr. DeMarkis, the assistant principal, frantically.

"649," she responded.

"Get the sticks and the pencil sharpener."


The nurse ran to the broom closet and got out some broomsticks and a large pencil sharpener. She sharpened the broomsticks.

I was tired of laying down. I had taken a nap, so I decided to go back to class. I had missed Civics, so I went back to my locker.

I got bitten again.

That day at lunch, my crazy mom had packed this thing called Gibdough.

"The mummy secret recipe that's so good, it bites you back!" it read.

I bit it.

It bit me back.

I ran around the celadon green cafeteria screaming with a demonic piece of bread biting my draconic snout.

I then had my draconic snout bandaged.

I couldn't finish my lunch.

I got P.O.e'd.

I was not having a good day.

I asked to go home. Seeing that I had been bitten by the undead 3 times in the same day, Mr. DeMarkis allowed me to leave.

I went to my locker.

The ReDead lunged at my head.

"Aa, yer grandma smokes corn silk," I yelled at it, grabbing my bags and shutting the locker in it's face.

I went home. I drank a diet coke. I changed my bandages.

I then went outside.

The next day, we had a new student. He had long blonde hair and was obsessed with the colour green, seeing that everything he wore was green except his black boots. Link was his name. Somewhat familiar to his video game counterpart except he had normal ears.

He asked about my bandages.

I replied, "ReDead attack. Be careful with your locker." We befriended.

A month later, I met him at his locker.

He got bitten too. I agreed to retype his blood stained report for him as he couldn't move his hands due to the severity of the ReDead bite.

I grinned. "Watch out for the Nurse and Mr. DeMarkis. They'll attack your locker zombie," I said.

Link gave me a strange look. I went to Art.