The Evilhead

Once in the fair land of Mushroom Kingdom, I, Princess Toadstool, had two computers. Ones name was Harry the computer and the other was just a meany head computer that was foul and didn't have the Internet. But Harry the computer had the Internet, so he was groovy.

One day I turned on the meany head foul computer to play Solitaire and he said "Ha ha ha, I am the evilhead computer."

"No you're not, you're a meany head foul computer, DIE DIE DIE," said I.

"No, I am an evil head computer. Ha ha ha."

Well, by now I was getting frustrated with the meany head foul computer. So I abused him with my parasol and my war fan and all my other things that weren't so groovy but that I had anyways. "Die die die you meany head foul computer."

But the meany head foul computer did not die, so I ran to the bathroom to think up a plan. But the meany head foul computer laughed menacingly.

SPLOOT!!!! Legs popped out of the computer. "Ha ha ha! Nobody can escape the wrath of the Evilhead!"

I fainted. Right then and there, I fainted. I do not remember what happened after that becos I had fainted. But all I knew was that when I woke up, I was elsewhere.

"Ha ha ha!" cackled the meany head foul computer.

"Where am I?" I shrieked. I proceeded to try to get up, but found that I could not move. I was strapped to a table. "Eeek!"

"Ha ha ha!" the foul thing cried out. "This is the lair of the Evilhead computer. You shall never escape. Ha ha ha!"

"Will you stop that laughing!?" I cried. "Tis giving me a headache."

The meany computer laughed for emphasis.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"My friends will come to save me!" I exclaimed.

"Your friends, my dear, are about to be dropped off a bridge."

"Ohhh no! Why does it ALWAYS have to be a bridge!?"

"Chill out. I'm just joking."

"You better be joking, you... you... phlegmwad!"

"Eeeeeee!" a voice exclaimed. I whirled around with my neck still attached to the table. CRACK! "Ouch..."

"We have come to save Princess Toadstool... ack!" Mallow tripped over a board and knocked himself out.

Geno and Bowser followed him in but landed safely on the floor.

"Ahh! I didn't plan on this!" exclaimed the foul computer.

Bowser let out a roar and picked up the computer. He smashed it into the wall. Then came over to me and ripped open my chains.

"My herrroooooooo!" I exclaimed and gave him a peck on the cheek.

The Evilhead... I mean, the foul computer screamed. "I shall get you."

I squashed his computer chip brain.

And that's the end because now the Evilhead is dead and there's no more to talk about except for the fact that now I only have one computer named Harry the computer and the Evilhead is gone.

The End