Well, as I hope we all may come to someday realise, Guybrush Threepwood and Brad Swaile are (shockingly) NOT the same person-- even a little bit. Yet no matter where I go, I find opposition to this fact. For this reason, I have created a page to show, by a photo comparison, why exactly it is that B. Swaile and G. Threepwood look alike-- except don't. Because it's true! They don't look alike. In fact, they don't at all look alike. Except kind of-- but actually not. Am I being clear? Anyway my Scholastic Reasoning 0wnZ0rz j00, so sit back, relax, and BE EDUCATED.

Sometimes they both appear looking kind of weird and not very pretty.

....only to reappear later looking not as weird and further over on the pretty side of the ugly-pretty continuum!

Then sometimes they both look like their nose is slightly deviant as far as noses go, and also tired, like they're drinking too much soda and not getting their proper amount of sleep at night.

Sometimes both of them are in full-body shots! =O

Here both are captured looking directly at the camera and in possession of good hair. "Are you SURE they're not the same person?!" It's hard to believe, I know, but it's true!

They both have at one time or another NOT looked good at all! To my knowledge, Brad Swaile never attempted to grow a beard that didn't suit him, and Guybrush was never in a coma for twelve years, but they really both look quite bad in their respective situations, thus proof. "I thought you were proving they AREN'T the same." YOU THOUGHT WRONG. No, you actually didn't. You see, the point of this page is to explain why it is that Guybrush and Brad Swaile are actually the same, only they AREN'T!!! And if you don't like it, you can go chew your tongue!

Here's the two posing all nonchalant! =O

Yatta! They're both... like, leaning or something. FYI, this Guybrush pic is Jamie's favourite because she says it's cute in an ugly way.

If you don't see how these two correlate, I'm not going to tell you.

As it turns out, Brad Swaile HAS at one point attempted to grow a beard that didn't suit him. (It doesn't look bad, it just doesn't look GOOD). Anyway, as you can see, sometimes Brad Swaile and Guybrush both have facial hair and smile at the camera.

You see now! Since this is the bottom of the page, I'll put stuff here because it's lonely without it. Brad Swaile pics are repeated because they just are. Because it's easier to take screen shots and find pictures of Guybrush since everyone likes Monkey Island unless they don't know what it is. And three of the Brad Swaile ones I have here are ultra-rare and make me feel special because no-one else has them. Ho ho ho. And also... I forgot what else. Oh, I remember. The ones where he looks like he's a kid is cos he was a kid. 15 years old. *blink*

SPECIAL BONUS: Here's a weird picture I found of Guybrush O_O() I don't understand it. He looks British in the bad way and weird, and plus it's like exactly the same as the other pic previously featured which is here repeated. It appears to be from SOME release of Escape From Monkey Island, but I don't understand it. @_@ I guess they wanted to do the same picture but lost it so they had to redraw it or something? That's stupid, though! Ah, I don't understand!!!