...The Mushroom Kingdom

Bowser's Keep-
There are two entries for this mysterious old hunk of rock, seeing as the veritable stronghold of mayhem and malice will need to be penetrated twice during your exhausting quest. It may be dark, dank and dreary, but it's HOME to the Koopa King. Anyhoo, just waltz on over to the main throne room...la la la...go on in..And look up there! My my! It's good old Bowser, along with Princess Toadstool. Well, Bowser's blinded by rage, so he's not in the best fighting condition. Listen to Toadstool up there...she may be paralyzed with fright but she's no dummy. It seems the floor has mysteriously gotten farther away while you've been fighting. Poor Bowser loses his balance and starts an unplanned nosedive right into the floor, but with the help of some hammers he for some reason had with him, he manages to take Mario down with him. However, Mario manages to jump back up to what's left of the chandelier (And I DO NOT know how) and is about to rescue the princess when...BOOM!

Mario's Pad- There's no place like home. Mario's abode is simple and small, surrounded by a small yard, the only frill of which is a save block. Inside he has his bed, a light switch, and several pairs of spare overalls. The roof of the Pipe House features a pipe--what else? It makes for easy entry into the house after being thrown into the air by a large sword (happens all the time). While you can always take a snooze for free in Rose Town, it's nice to let Mario come home for a bit during his quest to make some Z's in his own bed.

Mushroom Way- Again, you don't have any choice of who to take and what they should have with them. Your job is just to run around and eventually get to the palace, but there are some interesting surprises. Don't leave Toad where he is; save him! It may be tiring, but you'll get some nifty stuff. Before you exit these grassy plains, you'll fight the first real boss--the Hammer Bros. They ain't too hard. And after you pound 'em, you'll get your first new weapon!! Aren't you excited?  Because I know I am!

Mushroom Kingdom- The main city in the Mushroom World, the Chancellor rules over this berg, which features small houses and a palace. It's also home (usually) to Toadstool, Toad, and the millions of tiny people who look exactly like Toad. There are also people who are taller and more multicolored than the mushroom retainers and servants. There are two hidden treasure boxes here that can only be gotten the first time you come to town. One's in the basement of the shop, and the other is over the doorway in the hall in the palace. The former is reached by the weird basement guy's head, and the other by Toad's head. The Mushroom Kingdom is home to Raz and Raini, that little girl, those two brothers, and all those other people who don't have names. Then there's the guest room, in which you will never get a chance to sleep, and the vault, which refills itself after the first time you clean it out. Don't forget the guy behind the second house on the left who gives BAD advice (rumoured by some to be Luigi or a Shaman) and all those colorful people. Watch out that you're prepared in case the Kingdom is ever overrun by little guys on pogo sticks and a giant bouncing knife. (Hey, it could happen.) Plus, you can visit Princess Toadstool's bedroom, which features her ???. What's a "???"? I don't know. But she does, and she doesn't want you to look at it.

Bandit's Way- The perfect place for baddies and crooks of all kinds to hang out, Bandit's Way is a virtual hive of villainy and scum. Dont'cha love it? There aren't too many surprises here, except a hidden treasure box between two flowers. After you've run around here trying to catch Croco for a good half hour or so, you'll never want to come back. Fight the enemies even if you don't really have to until Mario and Mallow (YES! A party addition!) get a level up or two. Then whack Croco's head for a little while. It's fun.