...The Forest and the Pond
Kero Sewers- Watch out for Belome...whoever that is. You and Mallow will need to trek through raw sewage that is clear, blue and has fish living in it. Go fig. Anyway, the sewers are also HAUNTED, so watch your back! (There's a pipe you can reach by jumping on a head. If you go in at this point, a shyguy dude will inform you that it's a dead end. So leave. But if you wait for a long long long time....You won't even have to get a boost!...hint hint) Once ya find Belome....a cute li'l four-eyed doggy...he'll try to eat you. Put on the vest of non-palatability and hang on tight! You may meet a Pandorite. Kill him and you'll get a nifty thing that MAY come in handy if you get it before you meet puppy.

Midas River- You'll be bruised, battered, rammed into rocks, and come out in the wash, where some guy will see if enough coins fell into your pockets along your helpless cruise for him to give you a green coin. >:( Oh, and the pattern for getting lots of moolah in the barrel ride is: bottom barrel, bottom, bottom, top, bottom, bottom, bottom, top, bottom, bottom, bottom, top.....etc. :) And while you're tumbling down the waterfall, go for the side with the highest coin, but the last fork in the waterfall will be more beneficial if you aim for the side with no visible coins.

Tadpole Pond- A beautiful, tranquil setting inhabited by cute tadpoles and of course, Frogfucious, plus Lakitu, who gets yet another small cameo paycheck for chauffering Frogfucious around. You gotta hand it to the little guy--he's had more cameos than anyone else I can think of. Think about it. He owns the Mario Kart racetracks, he videotaped Mario's escapades in Super Mario 64, he's appeared in every Mario game ever made from Super Mario Bros. 1 on (except SMB2--but that doesn't count), and now this? I love Lakitu. He's so cool. Don't you love his glasses? Okay, I'm way off the subject here. Anyhoo, you be sure you've picked up the Cricket Pie from the storekeeper in the Mushroom Kingdom before you turn Mallow and Frogfucious's worlds upside down--it'll help soften the blow. Frogfucious's island in the middle of the pond, which can be reached with the help of the tadpoles, is home to the froggy sage's dining table, a cabinet/storage box of some kind, and a canvas with a song painted on it. On the left end of the mainland, you can get to two tadpoles, one who operates a members-only juice bar, and another who sells you special items for a certain number of frog coins. The other end of the land will let you talk to a music buff with lofty goals and the entrance to Melody Bay, which is a small inlet of the pond where you can composes beautiful tunes. It's also Toadofsky's hangout when he's not off being world-famous somewhere or playing the organ at Marrymore. The tadpoles will help you write music by moving around and acting as musical notes. If you're in choir, orchestra, band, or some other musical type thingie, Melody Bay works wonders for your sight-reading skills. Each line and space is one of the solfege syllables (for those of you who don't know what that means, it's Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, and Ti), but it isn't in the conventional order. Some people find it easier if you give each note a number. But then where's the challenge? You will remain musically illiterate and it will be way too easy. Anyway, Toadofsky will give you membership cards for the juice bar if you help him past his composer's block. Usually the tadpole outside the entrance will tell you which song Toadofsky is racking his brain to find and how to play it, but if he doesn't, there's always a way to find out. This entry is way too long. Sheesh.

Rose Way- Another beautiful setting, also mostly water. It's very confusing the first time you try it. There are lots of small islands that can be reached by jumping on blocks that move by themselves. You can't jump off when the blocks are yellow. The way to Rose Town is through the Shy Guys on treasure boxes area place, but go ahead and explore for a while. There are actually two different ponds here with different islands and stuff. And before you go....Why, LOOK! It's Bowser! And the Koopa Troop.  Don't you love that..Koopa Troopa? I love that. Koopa Troopa. Troopa.  Troopa is such a fun thing to say.  Troopa.  Troopa.  Oops, sorry.  I'm up late at night writing this one. Troopa. *teeheehee*

Rose Town- A pretty little town, but when you first visit it, the skies are grey, the people are....frozen? And those who are inside are worried sick. What the heck is going on? It seems that arrows are showering down with some kind of poison on them that freeze whomever they hit. The inn is a really cool place, and Gaz is so cute. There's a hidden treasure box in the bottom left corner of the shop, and you can reach that other un-hidden treasure box by climbing up the barrels piled outside and then making like Santa Claus and scooting down the chimney. After a while, you can visit the Gardener, who's looking for the Legendary Seed and Fertilizer. Oh, and by the way, you can see the Gardener a whole ton before you talk to the rat. There's a rumor going around that you can't see the gardener until after you've been to Monstro Town. What a load of bull. Anyways, if you find the Seed and Fertilizer for him, they'll....GROW. And he'll get to be in Happy Gardener's Monthly Magazine.

Forest Maze- Another pretty nature-world type place, this is where Gaz saw his Geno doll going and also where the arrows seem to be coming from. It ain't called the Forest Maze for nothing, so stay alert. A sleepy wiggler will bash a hole in the forest if you step on it while it's having a good dream. After you're through the first parts of it, you can save and then follow that doll! Sometimes you don't know where he went, so just go anywhere except the way you came in until you see him again. Mushrooms grow in abundance in the Forest Maze, but some of them are Amanitas in disguise. Amanita. That's fun to say too. ^_^ There is a treasure hidden in the forest; left, left, straight, right. Remember, when Mr. Treasure Seeker gave Mario those instructions, he didn't think there would be someone hovering over Mario and controlling his actions, so the instructions will be from Mario's point of view and not yours. You'll also meet Bowyer in the Forest Maze. Oh, GOSH he's cool! The coolest person in the game!! I LOVE BOWYER!!

Pipe Vault- A strange place thingie that is purely OPTIONAL-- that is, you can go on to the next level without ever playing the Pipe Vault, although I'd recommend that you do play through here. You can meet a Mole Guy there who will let you play a Goomba Stomp game. Since the place is full of pipes, you'll find just about all the pirahna plants you can stand. There are also plenty of Goombas and Sparkies. If you go all the way through, you'll end up at Yo'ster Isle!

Yo'ster Isle- The hangout for all self-respecting dinos of the Yoshi species as well as the home of the Mushroom Derby! Your old pal Yoshi is here along with some new friends! Like Boshi! And then there's all your old red and yellow friends. Boshi's the fastest runner there, and he's made a right old business out of racing the other dinos for their cookies. But they all want to race together! You can help Yoshi outrun Boshi so that everyone and not just Boshi has a chance to get cookies. You'll also find a baby Yoshi. He's a hungry boy! And if you feed him enough cookies, he'll lay eggs that will have useful things inside. A bit disgusting, I know, but it is a helpful thing. Anyway, on this island paradise there are two mailboxes and everyone lives in bungalows. It's also an ideal honeymoon spot.