...Booster Stuff
Moleville- A quaint old mining town home to a host of moles and their children, all of which are female for some reason, and a world of trouble. A giant star crashed into the mountain, and collapsed a tunnel or something, I think. And it seems a weird guy or two has infiltrated the place. To top it all off, three moles are trapped inside. Anyway, it's a nice place to visit. The houses look like they'd be really hot, though. Anyway, the mine isn't a real fun place to be, and there are a couple of bosses to keep you busy plus a fun ride!

Booster Pass- You have to go through here to get to Booster Tower. It's just another grassy type place. Lakitu hangs out here dropping spineys on you, as does a strange villain called Artichoker who looks exactly like a bush but has a fish head. On the second screen, there's a switch inside the alley thing that'll knock out all those mean spineys. Once you hit a silly switch inside Booster Tower, you can go to a high rock wall and meet aspiring Snifits as well as coins and stuff. Falling off the wall will result in a few scratches and a tumble down the hill, but nothing permanent.  And losing to the Snifits-in-training won't cause you to die, it'll only give the little guys a self-confidence boost.

Booster Tower- Booster's famous tower of amusement is a really fun place to be! The small front yard is where you'll make a deal with the big guy himself and join the Koopa Troop. Booster has three Snifit servants. None of them is very smart, but Snifit 1 is the smartest and Snifit 3 can never think of anything to say. They just want to party. Anyway, Booster likes trains and beetles. He also has a strange weather problem: it seems female royalty is always falling out of the sky and onto the tower. Booster's solution? He should marry them. Unfortunately, it's good old Toadstool this time around, and, well, she doesn't want to marry him. Knife Guy and Grate Guy also hang out around here until you pound on them. Then Grate Guy decides to jet. But you can still meet Knife Guy. He's nice. It's a very tall tower full of all sorts of strange rooms and enemies. You can hone Bowser's fighting talents here, but after you've used him a couple times, you'll realize they don't need much honing. ;)

Booster Hill- How much stuff does this guy have named after him?! Anyhoo, after the first time you make the exhausting climb, don't bother to come back unless you have a beetle box. There are flowers here and a lunatic up at the top who thought it would be fun to stand at the top and roll barrels down at tourists. Each time you catch up to Booster and are about to rescue the Princess, he'll turn around and knock you back a few feet, but Toadstool will manage to get a flower to you. After you have a beetle box (which you'll acquire in Seaside Town sometime in a loooooong while), you can compete with Snifits to find the most beetles.

Marrymore- A famous wedding chapel with a large four-star hotel and a world-class chef is where people in the Mushroom World like to tie the knot. There's a back door to these gorgeous facilites that will take you directly to the kitchen, where you can meet Chef Torte, his Apprentice, and the most delicious-looking cake in the universe. Toadofsky is always lined up to play the organ, and the same crowd of people are there for everyone's wedding. Plus, it seems that no matter how many times the photographer in the courtyard takes a picture of one of the newlywed couples and their families, the couple isn't ever satisfied with the photograph, because the same group will be out front getting their picture taken even if it's been about a year. You just can't please some people.