...Land's End
Land's End- A large area with more sections to it than anywhere else--grass, desert, underground, and a temple! The first is typical stuff...grass, bushes, that kind of thing, but plenty of new, weird enemies. However, these guys are pretty confused and they often attack their fellow enemies by mistake. It doesn't really matter whom you take with you here, but I think Geno and Bowser are a pretty good team for Land's End. There are plenty of pot cannons here for those hard-to-reach boulder stacks. After you come to a spot with a big hill, go ahead and climb it and you'll find yourself on top of an even taller one. A shaman dude here will inform you that those donut blocks you see stretching across thin air to another hill? That's the Sky Bridge....it's a big tourist attraction! Yahoo! If you can make it across without being knocked off by one of the bullet bills, you get money. There are three ways to go: Normal, Special, or Expert. For Normal, you gain 5 coins for making it across. For Special, you get 8. And on Expert, your prize is a Frog Coin! On all of the courses, if you fall, you'll lose...but another Shaman dude will give you a lift up so you can try again. Also, on all of the courses, you can double your winnings by doing it again. The shaman will carry you back across, and then you just jump across again. But if you fall, you won't get any coins. You can also just cross the Bridge yourself without any Bullet Bills firing at you, but of course you don't get paid for that. May I also direct your attention to the hole in the hill underneath you? Go ahead and hop yourself right through there. You can make it to that place where the Shy dude always told you it was a dead end...you'll end up in the Kero Sewers, and you can grab yourself some Cricket Jam to give to Frogfucious. He has a pretty healthy appetite and will give you 10 frog coins (!!!) for being so dagnabbed nice to him. Anyway, once you've completed the Sky Bridge, you'll fall into a desert-like area with palm trees and stuff. There are also bees and stuff here. You'll meet that Rat dude, who will ask if you're headed to Monstro Town. Well, no, we just thought we'd wander the desert for 40 years until we DIE.  He'll give you directions. You will see whirlpools in the sand. Jump through the one the ant is in. If you go to it while he's up, you'll have to fight him, but if he's down he'll jump out and then back in really quick and you can go in after him. Keep following him and you'll see an extension. This will take you to a sheer rock wall with instructions to "Climb Here." But how? You can't yet, but the rat dude will be there too and tell you that it's spooky. Later on, Sergeant Flutter will help you with that cliff. If you can climb it in under 12 seconds, you'll get a Troopa Pin, and I think before that you get frog coins when you climb really fast. Anyway, then the mouse dude will go to Monstro Town. Find the right whirlpool to go down this time and you'll be underground. Wander through the tunnels for a while and you'll end up at Belome Temple! Gee, I wonder whom you'll meet here!  Go on a pilgrimage and get your fortune told. Then you'll end up in a room with one Belome doggy head with its tongue hanging out. Close it and you'll get another fortune for free! If it says "Sorry, I'm not accepting any visitors past my bedtime," you'll meet Belome, but you won't fight him. He'll just inform you that he's hungry and won't let you through. If your fortune says "Mmm, I'm hungry! Wish I had something to eat.." or something to that affect, you'll meet Belome again, but this time he will try to eat you and you'll end up in another minor skirmish with the giant, four-eared, four-eyed dog. Now you will find out that he's perfected the art of cloning down here...one taste and he'll spew out a copy. He doesn't like the flavor of Bowser, Mario, and Geno, but Toadstool and Mallow are yummy in his tummy. Those two are, incidentally, whom you should take in with you to fight Belome, but not for that reason. Once he's out of the way, you will finally be able to exit this exhausting region.

Monstro Town- A town built right into the side of an earthen cliff, full of reformed monsters as well as Monstermama, the landlady. Most of the tranquil ex-baddies just sit around at tables staring at each other all day. But there's a famous star there that will dance for you! He/She/It is so cute. There is also that rat, and a pirahna plant, and a Pandorite that tells you how many hidden treasure boxes you still need to find. Plus there's a groovy Thwomp trap and a dog that tells you how many super jumps you've done in a row and promises to give you a prize if you can complete a certain amount. Then there's Culex...there's also Jinx, a little dude who runs the town dojo. However, the only monster who practices there is Jagger, a former Koopa Troopa. You can meet the storeowner, who's a Goomba, and his three nephews, who sell you contaminated mushrooms. Of course, there's Sergeant Flutter and his Sky Troopas, who will help you scale the cliff at Land's End!

Bean Valley- Yet another place. (I know, I know, I'm really inspired today.) This one's full of bees, plants, and gardeners. Run around and you'll get to an area where Shy Away cares for six pirahna plants. Undo the fruit of his blood, sweat, tears, and fertiliser; kill those plants! Then you can go down into their pipes and get stuff. Some of them are slot machine type things, and if you don't get a match, you will have to fight one of those treasure box enemies, who spits out some fat genie dude. I think you should take Geno with you here, and you also ought to take either Mallow or Bowser. The top pipe has a golden chomp in it. This is one of the keys to Grate Guy Casino! 3 jumps and a Bright Card will get YOU in! Sorry, but no chomps allowed... Anyways, if you keep going after the clearing with six pipes and Shy Away, you will end up facing Shy Away again. He's caring for another plant, and you'll have to fight this one. His name is Megasmilax. Geno and Bowser are the best team for this one, and once you defeat him, Shy Away will fly the coop and drop a note and a Seed by accident. Then you'll find a beanstalk you can climb up to who knows where.. Climbing up the beanstalk can be murder, but remember, you will always be jumping in either a down left or up right position. Use the shadows on the ground. If you take the easiest way up the stalk, you will get to the right place, but taking the much more difficult detour will get you some groovy stuff and a Rare Scarf. Going up the hard route is...well, hard...but on the second screen, there is an invisible block directly above the shortest vine. Don't bother trying to jump to the next beanstalk without it, because it's the only way to make it up! While you're climbing the stalk, you will see some enemy birds. They're the first you've encountered, but they won't be the last by far. Finally, you can pull yourself out of the Land's End region entirely and into the puffiest place you've been so far.