Axem Rangers...
"I'm all thumbs today."
~ Axem Red

Ah, the bane of algebraic existence everywhere; this vicious team, consisting of Postulate 1, Postulate 2, Postulate 3, Postulate 4, and Postulate 5, delights in stealing the cerebra of Algebra I and II students and sticking them in the microwave set on HIGH for 67 seconds. If you are brave enough to forego the heavy tutouring needed to grind these demonic nuisances into sawdust, your only hope will be to-- oh wait.  Those are the AXIOM Rangers!  Nevermind!  Well gee, now that I think about, Axem Rangers are something different entirely.  ::scratches head::  Okay, I got it now.  See Czar Dragon for info on weaponry and armor. Equip Mario, Geno, and Toadstool with items that raise your defense, like the Rare Scarf or the Ghost Medal. Start with Axem Pink, because once she's down she can't heal the others! After that, take down Black, then Red, then Green, and finally Yellow. Use regular attacks mainly, but also occasionally magic like Geno Blasts or Psych Bombs. After they fire the Breaker Beam, use Toadstool's first turn to Group Hug yourselves, and after that use all your remaining turns to attack. Each member of your party will get two or three turns to attack or heal before the Breaker fires again. If your regular attacks just won't cut it, pull out the big guns with the Geno Blast and the Psych Bomb. The Hand Cannon usually does pretty well on its own, though. Make sure everyone's healthy as the first thing you do, because the Breaker can easily take out your entire party if you haven't got the proper health and protection.