"997! 998! 999! 1000! Nya ha ha! 1000 arrows!"
~ Bowyer

Perversely likeable and more than a little bit crazed, this archer is a force to be reckoned with. Mario's Super Jump is effective, as is the Geno Beam. Mallow's Thunderbolt is hopelessly weak against Bowyer, unfortunately. Geno (actually, he's "???" at this point) will quickly prove himself to be a valuable addition to your ranks!  Make sure to stock up on Pick-Me-Ups, as Geno seems to be Bowyer's favorite target. If Bowyer locks the 'A' button, stick it to him with the Geno Beam and Super Jump. If he outs the 'Y' button, hit him with regular attacks! If he locks the 'X' button, don't'll be able to hold on with the help of Mallow's HP rain. If the 'X' button is locked, Geno and Mario can use both Special and Regular attacks, but Mallow should stick to his FroggieStick. When the 'A' button is locked, you can use the Psychopath. It doesn't hurt Bowyer, but it can give you a good dose of hope as Bowyer's HP dwindles. The battle with Bowyer is my favorite one in the whole game! I LOVE IT!  And as for anyone who doesn't, that's their hangup, man.  Bidaaaa.