"Vee make zee cake for za BIG vedding."
~ Chef Torte

The best team for taking down this confectionary nightmare is Bowser, Mallow, and Mario! Ignore Chef Torte and his apprentice for several reasons: a) you wouldn't want to rid the world of two such fine cooks! b) they can hardly hurt you c) you can't kill them, and d) they'll split as soon as they realize their cooking experiment has gone horribly wrong. Make sure you have plenty of Able Juice for the Sandstorm! Blow all Bundt's candles out and then wallop him one more time. Each time Bundt attacks you, he will get back one candle! After you defeat Bundt, you will have to destroy Raspberry, the evil bottom layer. Just keep hitting it, and eventually Booster and his Snifits will arrive and take care of the rest. (By the way, for this skirmish I suggest the Amulet for Mario and the Fearless pin for Bowser or Mallow!)