Cloaker and Domino...
"Mwee hee hee!"
~ Cloaker

Mario with Hero Shirt, Lazy Shell and Jinx Belt, Geno with Star Gun, Star Cape and Quartz Charm, and Toadstool with Feather, Lazy Shell, and Frying Pan can take these two evil jesters to the brink. Again with the evil--jesters were supposed to be jolly and funny, not crazed and wicked! Whomever you don't beat first will retreat and hide on a giant wooden snake, or something like that--Domino on Mad Adder and Cloaker on Earth Link. (Earth Link? What's that supposed to mean?) Kill Domino first, because even though he's cooler and has a better name, he's a lot more difficult. Focus on the snake, Earth Link, and hit it with regular attacks mainly, save for many many Geno Flashes. Ignore Cloaker, because as soon as his precious reptile bites the dust, he'll fly the coop. Use Toadstool's Therapy and Group Hug whenever your peoples need it.