Croco, the second...
"The COINS! Grab the COINS!"
~ Croco

Before you fight Croco, go around and pick off his three minions, who will each yield a Flower Tab after vowing to haunt you.  Not really, but they do say they'll "get you". Make sure you have plenty of Pick-Me-Ups BEFORE you jump on the trampoline, because you won't be able to buy any more after Croco steals your money! Croco's pretty tough this time around! Make sure to keep your FP up, because Croco will take ALL your things after you've been fighting a while.  You won't be able to use healing items or Syrup, and Mallow's HP Rain will be the only thing to keep you healthy. Hang in there and keep fighting--he'll give up eventually, I promise. For this fight, Geno should have a Finger Shot and wear a Mega Cape. Mario gets a Mega Shirt and a Punch Glove! And, last but never least, our resident ball of puff wears Work Pants and stirs up sour notes with those bastions of musical goodness, the Cymbals!