"Master! Share your wisdom with us!"
~ Jinx

Geno, Bowser and Mario will have their hands full with this little guy. A master of the martial arts, Jinx won't make it easy for you! Be wary--he'll just toy around with you the first round. He'll loose some heavy attacks in Round 2, and WATCH OUT in Round 3! He's fond of Sudden Death, so be careful. I recommend challenging him when you first arrive, but then finishing up with Bean Valley and Nimbus Land before coming back for more. Don't feel bad if he really hands it to you once or twice; there's no shame in losing to a stronger opponent, so just keep up your training elsewhere until you're worthy to challenge him again!  Anyway, even if he does wipe the floor with you, you won't get a game-over--just a holier-than-thou lecture.