"La dee dah~"
~ Shy Away

Too bad there's no Hyper Weed Whacker weapon in the game!  Geno and Bowser are your ideal pals for this one. Stick it to 'em with the Geno Blast and Spiked Link--you ever watch that thing?  It would HURT! ...The Super Flame's all right, too. After you get the first crop, Shy Away will return and feed its precious babies more nutrients. Still nothing to worry about. It will return to feed the Smilaxes (Smilaxi?) again, then once more. You'll find yourself face to flower with MEGASMILAX! He's just a Smilax who ate a little too much. Thin out the soil until it's just you and Smiley. The Crusher works, and if you haven't got that yet, then regular attacks in the right amount should produce the desired effect.  I wonder if I can get a count on how many bad puns, ridiculous moralisations, or alliterations I made throughout the whole boss guide...?