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Laa laa laa.... that is my song.  I shall sing it forever.  Laa laaaaaaa.....

Here are some frequently asked questions.  You should read them if you have a question that you ask frequently, cos maybe other people do too, and you'll find it, and then you won't ever have to ask it again, despite your former frequency of asking it or the frequency of your askings of it combined with the askings of others.  I think that is swell.  Hints are shown; highlight for answer.  So let's get STARTED!

What is the password in the Sunken Ship? Um....well, it's not OYSTER or CORALS. But...think about oysters for a while.  PEARLS

(In the exact format in which I saw it written) how come i can't go anywhere and mallow says lets go talk to my grandfather he knose everything but all he says is i need a snack or something i just got toadstool in my party please help!! I never thought I would have to answer THIS one. But apparently, judging from the message boards, it is a big problem for them. ::concerned frown:: well, think back to when you first met Mallow. What was he doing? Why was he in town? Did he ever accomplish that?  Talk to the storeowner in the Mushroom Kingdom to get the Cricket Pie, then give it to Frogfucious!

What does the Quartz Charm do? Another thing I found out from the message boards is that a lot of people assume the Quartz charm is worthless and sell it just because the description doesn't say what it does. HELLO!! To FIND OUT what it does....test it against certain things....bad things. Yes.  The Quartz Charm prevents Sudden Death and raises all your stats by about 50%.

Is there a hidden character? mmmmmmmmnope.

How do I beat Culex? Check my boss guide....silly peoples.... for a condensed version, if you're really having trouble, level up severely and use Lazy Shells.  If your defence is good enough, don't bother with Crystals, just kill Culex.

How do I get the Lazy Shells? It has something to do with.....the gardener.  Get the Seed from Bean Valley and walk off the rightmost edge of Nimbus Land as you face the castle.  You'll run into Shy Away, who'll give you the Fertilizer if you leave him alone.  Take those back to the Gardener.

How do I get to Grate Guy Casino? "3 jumps and a Bright Card will get YOU in! Sorry, no Chomps allowed." Go find a special Chomp, so you can kill it and be allowed in. And you know how to get a Bright Card. No? Go play games with Knife Guy. Play them for a long time.  Win Knife Guy's game 12 times more than the number of times you've lost for the Bright Card, then go to the section of Bean Valley where Shy Away grows the pirahna plants. Kill the pirahna plant and go into the pipe with the gold chomp. Kill the chomp, and then jump 3 times in the spot where it was. A yellow block will appear, and you can jump up and go to the casino. ^_^

How do I get the Star Egg? You a gambler?  Win Grate Guy's Look the Other Way game 100 times (total).

How do I get those treasures in the clouds at Nimbus Land? Think back to when you first got to Nimbus Land. You had to do something that was a pain in the neck. Go do it again...but in a different way this time. Go to the beanstalk area with those corkscrew-type colorful vines. Go to the second area, where there are two choices of vines to climb. One of them is easy to get to, and the other one is hard. Get to the hard one (yes, it CAN be done), then climb up. You'll get to another area where there is only one way to go, but it'll be hard. There is a hidden block on top of the short vine that will enable you to reach the hard one and get the treasures, which include a Rare Scarf.

What happens if I get 30 jumps? You get some nifty neckwear.  It's the Attack Scarf!

Does anything happen after I get to 30 jumps? There's something that you can get for doing MANY MANY jumps.  For doing 99 jumps, you get the Super Suit.

How do I get the key in Monstro Town?'s right on the edge there....maybe an earthquake of some kind would shake it down?  Talk to the earth-shakin' Thwomp trap inside the house for a while to make the key fall to the ground.  Then you can go back to Belome Temple and give Belome the key-- he wants to eat it.

Is there any point to getting Fireworks besides to trade them for Shiny Stones? As a matter of fact.......yes. There is. What? You want to know what it is?  What do you want from me, blood?!  Five or more instances of purchasing Fireworks gets you a Star during your ending credits.  Three or four is a Flower and any less is a Mushroom.

How do I open the sealed door in Monstro Town? To quote our pirahna plant friend, "He's always mumbling about a crystal-this and an evil-that.....Isn't a crystal some kind of shiny rock....or something? I know I've seen those somewhere!" Where have you seen them?  In Moleville, of course.  Trade Fireworks for a Shiny Stone and use it to break the seal on the door before giving it to the other mole girl.

How come when I get special mushrooms like Rotten Mush or Moldy Mush, the Mushroom Boy says "Hey you don't have any mushrooms"? The Mushroom Boy only takes real mushrooms, the kind that actually say 'Mushroom' for the title and restore 30 HP. This doesn't include mushrooms from the Goomba triplets. And yes, this is the answer, not a hint.  Don't bother suing me, I'm poor hippie trash.

Where are the 3 Musty Fear's Flags? One is behind a wooden flower. A wooden flower.....think of it as a wooden rose. Another is under a green bed. Well, most beds in inns are red. And the beds in the palace are fancy. The beds in most people's houses are red. Who would have a green bed? (This is the last place you would EVER think to look.) And the third is between "O" and "A". It's an O and A mowed into grass....and along with two other letters, it spells a word. So grab some cookies and dash on over!  Behind the wooden rose in Rose Town, under Mario's bed, and between the O and A in GOAL at Yo'ster Isle.

What are the notes for the songs in Melody Bay and what do I get if I play them correctly? Well, Toadofsky gives you membership cards for the juice bar if you play them correctly: Alto, Tenor and Soprano. It will help you learn to read music if you figure it out yourself, but go to the Answers section and I'll give you the solfege plus some other stuff. ("Solfege" is music lingo for the note syllables Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, and Ti.)
Frogfucious' Suite #18:: So La Mi Re Do Re Do Re
Moleville Blues:: Mi Do So Do Re La Ti Do
Monstro Town Star:: La Ti Do Re So Do Re Mi
(your own song here!) :)
If you're not interested in improving your music reading skills, then TOO BAD. You have to, anyway. Remember, the notes go like this (top left to bottom right): Mi -Re- Do -Ti- La -So- Fa

How do I get the Safety Ring? It's in the sunken ship. There used to be a doorway, but it's covered in water now...and there's a mean mommy guarding it. It looks like several tons of waterlogged supplies collapsed over it, too. Go to the flooded cargo hold of the Sunken Ship and go to the large room with the Nanny Blooper. In the upper right hand corner, there is a large stack of barrels. Behind the stack is a doorway. Inside the doorway is a little room with a treasure box, and the Ring is in that.

I'm in a room in Booster Tower with a guy shooting bullets and I can't jump up the next platform... offer me your assistance, O Great Photosynthetic Deity!  ....okay.  If you're using a ROM, it's entirely possible there's no way to progress past this part of the game.  Look for a save file saved after this spot, or go out and *buy the game* (try Funcoland).  Wow, imagine operating legally!  Otherwise, make sure you're jumping at an angle instead of just straight up and get a running start.  If you're not facing the right direction, you can't make this jump.  Wow, no answer.  Aren't I just the sneaky one.

I can't get past the room with the Snifit in Marrymore!  You have to break the door down!  It can be frustrating, but you have to hit the door at the precise up-right angle at exactly the same time Snifit 1 does.  You can do it!  Believe in yourself!