son of a submariner!

Ya know what?...

...I don't either.

The most important mushroom retainer! He's paid the most plus he's the only one with a name! In this game, he will usually be helpful and explain anything you have questions about. Also, later in the game, he'll be even more helpful than that, but the poor little guy can't fight. Too bad. Note: In THIS game he's helpful, but in Mario Kart 64 he's a snot! And in Mario 64 there are more Toads than you can count on both hands. Unless you're talented.

Hammer Bros.
They're two turtle dudes who wear armor and carry around big mallets. They also grew in stature for this game, like....Birdo....anyway, they've been around since the beginning, and have appeared in almost every Mario game (exceptions are SMB2, and the Donkey Kong & Donkey Kong Jr. games, plus Dr. Mario, if the latter three even count as far as canonical continuity goes).

Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Toadstool's father can't seem to stop worrying OR asking Mario to do things. He needs a good therapist, if you ask me.  Does anyone else remember when he used to be called the King and he wore an onion shaped hat?

Raz & Raini
A pair of young citizens in the Mushroom Kingdom! As Raz put it, they're not just friends anymore. They're getting married in Marrymore! Too bad you're too danged busy to attend the wedding, right? RIGHT???

Nondescript Mushroom People
The citizens of the small Mushroom Kingdom. Some of them are descript, though, like the little girl who wants to marry Mario who runs around in her yard, and her grandmother, who wants her to grow up to be just like the princess, and her grandfather, who loves to see "our young ones having a good time." Plus, there's the nice little boy who worries about his brother and is a lot nicer to him than MY older sibling(s) is/are to me. Then there's the little brother in question, who longs to someday outjump even Mario. There's the finicky storeowner who won't sell Mario anything unless he's IN FRONT of the counter, and the strange person in the basement who tells Mario about hidden treasure boxes, plus the girl who stands outside all the time telling Mario he's standing in something, then laughing her head off. Actually, I only said nondescript because they don't have names and I don't know what to call them.

Anonymous Advisor
Whoever the heck this person or thing is, you never see them. They are behind the first Mushroom Kingdom house you see on the left. They give you bad advice most of the time, and when the Shysters are in town, you have to work at it to talk to 'em.  Laying low...?  Aa, I have no idea who it is, or why you don't have to press A to speak to them most of the time.  Suggestions as to who this is include Luigi and Shamans... Can't really buy into either of those, but it's your country.

A gangster wanna-be! He dresses cool and bullies people smaller than himself. He robbed poor Mallow of his coin and later returns with three pions to take Mario's goodies. Pound 'im into the ground! He deserves it!  Plus he says "Whoa! Did you actually believe me?  I was... LYING!"  For whatever that's worth.  Quite a lot, if you ask me.  Not that anyone did.  But if they had, that's what I would've said.

Smithy the Sword
A bad dude. He destroys the Star Road! He's not real nice....later, when Mario returns to get Toadstool after being thrown into the air by Smithy's arrival, Smithy destroys the bridge.  Yeah, yeah, so I don't really get off on saying the sword's Smithy, but I really REALLY remember promo material referring to "Smithy the Sword," and the sword's not EXOR because Exor is the guy who has his head on the hilt!

Fun-loving yet evil dudes who bounce around (kind of like Slimu..I always had my suspicions about him....) and terrorize innocent Mushroom citizens. They play flunky to Mack.

Knife dude who has...other motives besides bouncing for taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. While the Shysters just wanna bounce all day, Mack has darker secrets that he does not want any of his minions to know of. He is, after all, one of the members of the Smithy Gang, which might explain something.

Sleepy Casino Guy
A seeker of BIG BUCKS at a casino he just can't seem to find, this guy always seems to be tired out.

A mushroom retainer who guards the entrance to the kingdom and is witness to a world of trouble. BUT, he never does anything about it because he "forgot his bazooka at home..." I think he needs a new job, if he hasn't already nipped off to cash his unemployment check.  But overall a pretty hoopy frood. Knows where his towel is and all that.

A dog with four ears, four eyes and four legs, and with the way he eats, you'd think four stomachs too. His always-hungry stomach rules his actions, and he likes to hang out in dark underground places waiting for tasty people to come along. He perfects the art of cloning while lounging about in the Temple that the Land's End citizens built for him.

Merchant Dude
Even though you can't technically own a river, this guy fancies that the Midas River is 'his' and operates a business based on the amount of coins you get while being helplessly swept along in the raging torrents. Isn't capitalism grand?  Anyway, if you can get enough coins for him he'll give you a Frog Coin and let you go back on the river if you use 'his' trampoline--for additional costs, of course. The only thing 'free' that ever came from him was the NokNok shell, which he only meant as a good-luck charm.

A wise old frog who knows "EVERYTHING" because of his convenient location right on the main waterway of the world. He usually gives some good advice, but it's almost always nothing you couldn't have figured out on your own. He's Mallow's grandfather (?) and he's got a thing for crickets.

A famous composer. He hangs out at Melody Bay. I don't know why he's so famous. He's got composer's block, so he needs your help to write a new song. He also changes into a normal mushroom outfit and plays the organ at Marrymore.  In the conventional sense he's a brilliant ARRANGER of music, possibly a good conductor and/or performer, but honestly, other than what comes from his own mouth, we've got no evidence he has any talent for composing.

They live at Tadpole Pond (where else?) and they can be helpful. One owns an exclusive drink bar, one operates a business of selling you special items, and another aspires to become a composer like Toadofsky. Another graduates from Frogfucious' school and goes off into the wide world after sprouting some legs.

Koopa Troop
Bowser's army of sorcerers, goombas and koopa troopas. They're ready for action when Bowser gets them all together to take back his Keep, but when they actually have to DO something, most of them run off! Some are just cowards who run away and join Smithy, but others do something useful with their lives, like Jagger or the storekeeper at Monstro Town. Eventually, every Koopa Trooper deserts Bowser, but he forgives them. Later on, the Koopa Troop includes Mario, Mallow, Geno and Toadstool.

Gaz and  Mum
Gaz lives in Rose Town with his mother, who is the innkeeper. He loves playing with his dolls of Mario, Bowser, Toadstool and Geno! When Mario comes to town, Gaz is excited and asks Mario to play with him. However, when Gaz uses his Geno doll to try and take out Mario's Bowser doll, he misses and knocks Mario out instead. When Mario wakes up, Gaz insists that he saw his Geno doll walking into the forest. His mother, as usual, has no patience with him. But he's a good kid.  Most of the time.  Sometimes.

Rose Town Citizens
There's a husband and wife with three grandsons, one of whom gets stuck outside when he is hit with one of Bowyer's arrows, two storekeepers, a skeptical victim of Bowyer's archery practice, and a poor guy who is dying of nervousness when his son hits the switch that operates the stairs to his house and traps him outside. Plus there are some pretty darn nondescript people, like the wife who worries about her husband and the people in the store. They bring it on themselves for wearing stupid target hats!

Another Advisor
This one lives behind the house on the hill at Rose Town, and, unlike the first, it is not a "phantom" in that you do press A to speak to him/her/it....And her/his/its advice isn't as bad. Useless, mainly, but not as bad. I'm pretty sure it's a mole because of the unusual dialect, but I could be wrong.

A member of the Smithy Gang, this crazed archer gets practice by shooting arrows at Rose Town. He has pretty good aim! I like him. And you should too. *big smile with many sparkling teeth*

These little dudes are arrows that serve Bowyer. They're maybe not as carefree as the Shysters, but they sure seem to find Rose Town's plight funny.

Mole Guy
He operates a goomba-stomping game in the pipe vault. He's not that interesting.

Come on, you know who Yoshi is! A cute li'l dinosaur that eats foes and is really nice. He hangs out these days at Yo'ster Isle, home of the Mushroom Derby! He'll play interpreter for you while you talk to the other Yoshis, and he gives you cookies. Don't eat them--save them for when you have an enemy you can't beat. Use the cookies then, and Yoshi will come and eat the baddie and turn 'em into an item. He can't eat some enemies or bosses, but when that's the case he'll give you Yoshi Candy, which restores 100 HP.

The famed Blue Yoshi from Super Mario World who could fly, but he has better things to do now. Boshi's cool as a cucumber, except for when it comes to one thing: COOKIES! He loves the things! And what better way to get them than to use his endowment of speed to race the other Yoshis for their cookies? The only problem is, he only races one-on-one because it's easier to pack away the cookies that way. Oh well. I like Boshi.....

Other Yoshis
They put the "yo" in Yo'ster Isle! There's a red guy who loves to race and runs all day to practice, but the funny thing is HE'S never beaten Boshi! After you do some 'stuff' at Yo'ster Isle, a yellow dude will join old Red in practicing. Plus there's one who stores cookies for you if you don't have space for them, and another yellow who cares for a nest full of eggs, and later for a hatched baby Yoshi.

Baby Yoshi
He has quite an appetite! He's only a little guy when he first hatches, but keep feeding him cookies and he'll grow. Even though he looks like he definitely does not need anything else to eat, keep feeding him cookies and he'll lay eggs for you with useful things in them.  Oh, don't look at me like that.

Moleville Moles
Citizens of the mining town, Moleville, these moles are kind and hospitable to everyone. However, when you first arrive, they're in an uproar because Dyna, Mite, and their Pa are trapped in the mountain! Everyone's worried, but nobody can get them out! The entrance to the mines is blocked, and they can't reach the old entrance anymore. One of the women is trying to dig a hole through the solid rock to get into the mountain, but she doesn't seem to be getting anywhere fast. After things have calmed down, you can meet the little girl who sits on the bucket and wishes for a Carbo Cookie, or the girl with the "pur-tend store" who will sell you a Shiny Stone at a value of 500 coins! Then there's the girl who tries to sing the mining song, and the man who makes Fireworks. Has anyone besides me noticed that all the children in Moleville are female?  Could this be simple coincidence, or is it something far more ominous?  Insidious genetic engineering, perhaps, or possibly some little drag princesses starting early?  In any case, it's kinda creepy.

Ma' and Pa'Mole
The parents of Dyna and Mite, they're worried sick about their babies!! Wouldn't you be? Pa's not really trapped in the mines, but he's not leaving until he gets them out, or until someone else does it for him.

I don't know exactly who or what he's supposed to be. He's not part of the Smithy Gang, and all he wants is to be famous. He decides that if he and his bomb minions can destroy Mario, Mallow, and Geno, he'll be somebody!

Dyna's a little mole-girl with an ice cream cone--or a rattle--or SOMETHING that looks kind of like a paintbrush from a distance, and Mite is her little bro, whom she carries on her back in a little sack. Fun-loving and adventurous, they should have heeded the warnings of never going into the mines alone! But they didn't listen, and now they're trapped in the bowels of the mountain with no way to get out.

Snifits 1, 2 and 3
You'll meet Booster's servants shortly after rescuing Dyna & Mite. They're running around Moleville trying to catch a beetle as a present for Booster, because he "loves beetles! But he can't catch his own..." After threatening Mario that if he takes the beetle, they 'won't be his friend,' the Snifits run off. They're pretty dedicated servants. Booster wants to get married, and Snifit 1 suggests a party! And later on, they'll be dying for a slice of Booster's wedding cake.  Don't you love Snifits?

Booster lives in his famous tower of amusement and usually spends his time entertaining people. But ever since a girl fell out of the sky, Booster's been busy keeping her "happy and entertained!" He's very jealous. He really isn't that bad--just a little misguided.  In ideals as well as fashion and grooming habits.

Snifits 4, 5, 6 and 7
You can meet these guys at then all-new, improved Booster Pass! When you meet them, they'll be known as 'Apprentice', but they know if they can defeat Mario, they'll be the newest Snifit! Just let them defeat you, and eventually Booster will have 7 Snifits, but only 3 of which are really important, of course. If you do want to help these guy's self-confidence out, it's probably best to return to Booster Pass either right after you hit the button in Booster Tower, or as soon as you get a chance to get away from the whole Booster/Marrymore mess.  Otherise, trying to lose will just be too blasted tedious.

Would-be Snifit 8
This guy seemed to be just like the others, wanting to be a new Snifit, then defeating you and running off to become one. But just go ahead and visit the new Snifits in their exciting job of guarding the door to Booster's playroom......Booster only wanted 7 Snifits! This poor guy doesn't get to be Snifit 8. So where does he go? The arcade, of course!  Isn't logic great?

Knife Guy and Grate Guy
These brothers are clowns. They fight you, whoopdeedoo, Grate Guy does something with his life and gets a casino. Knife Guy hangs out in Booster Tower and seems to find everything extremely funny. He also guilts you into playing games with him.  Get a job, Knife Guy.

Marrymore People
More like employees than citizens, since Marrymore is really just a chapel with a hotel. But they might as well be citizens, as none of them ever goes home. There's the lady that stands at the entrance telling you how great Marrymore is, then there's the rich snobby guy at the table in the hotel. There's the Hotel Manager and Storekeeper, who's REALLY lofty and has got a real holier-than-thou attitude. You can revisit the Casino Guy, or a few newly-married couples, and some bellhops. Also, inside the chapel there's Toadofsky, playing the organ (but not until after Booster's wedding is over), the little girl who wants to marry Mario (I think) and some other Mushroom People who have nothing better to do with their time than attend people's weddings. Then there's a boy who wishes it was ski season, and the man who hates getting his picture taken, and the photographer to inspire the aforementioned man's hatred, of course. And guess who else is here? Why, it's Raz and Raini! Can't imagine what they would be doing, at Marrymore of all places.

Chef Torte
A nifty guy! He's a really good cook.

He's kind of dim, but still a good cook. Chef Torte didn't believe him when he first said the cake was alive, but hey! They've got talent--that cake was alive and would have been kicking if it had legs!

Chef Torte's ultimate cooking experiment. Unfortunately, even though this cake was lucky enough to have the gift of life, it used its talents for evil instead of helping Mario in his quest. I mean, who COULDN'T use a giant cake with a penchant for destruction!?!  Because if they don't want that recipe anymore, I DO!

Seaside Citizens
Is it just me, or do these guys seem like they're a little paranoid? Do they seem kind of like they're.....I don't know.....repeating a story they've memorised, or something? The only one who seems halfway normal is the Elder, but does he seem.....kind of....well, not like the nice old man you'd expect to be an elder? I guess I'm just getting senile in my old age.

Frog Disciple
Although he was included in the description of Tadpole Pond's 'Tadpoles,' this guy deserves his own entry. After graduating from Frogfucious' school, he found his way into the wide world. He carries around a book and uses bigger words than most of the people you've encountered, but he doesn't seem to do much.  I'd tell him to get a job, but... he has one, you know.  A bit of a store.  Spiffy merchandise and whatnot.

Little Robed Dude What Sells You Things
He hangs out in the cave, known as the 'Sea' by the locals, and also in the Sunken Ship itself. He sells you stuff and gives you hints and clues. He's nice and cool and cute, I think. You'll meet up with more like him on your travels, and some of them will actually be bad guys!! What's with that?? The official name is 'Shaman,' but that's of the ones that you fight, so I didn't want to call this particular dude that.

They'll surely avoid scurvy if they all eat an orange.   The crew of Jonathon Jones' ship, these sharks are loyal to the end.  Pirates are cool anyhow, and ones that are SHARKS are even better!

Jonathon Jones
If something falls into Johnny's sea, he decides it's his!  Not a totally faulty rationale, if you give it some thought.  He's totally cool anyway.  He's all for fair play (unusual in a pirate) and fun. He can be your best matey or your worst enemy--you decide. And remember, just because you're mateys doesn't mean you can jump on his head!

So THAT'S what was up with those freaky citizens of this quaint little resort town! They're really members of the Smithy Gang, and in something called 'group formation' they become deadly! The Elder is really Yaridovich. He thinks he's such a great actor. Hmph. You knew he wasn't really the elder all along, right? Right?

Real Seaside Towners
People from all walks of life, all ages, and all species make up this diverse resort town. There are no houses save for that of the elder (the REAL one), and the rest of the buildings are stores. The stores in this town are not like the other ones (it's a resort, what do you expect??) and are more specialized. For instance, there's a mole woman running a health food store where you can buy things like Pick Me Ups and Mushrooms, and two little kids who run an armor and weaponry shop (do their parents know?!). The Inn is a rip-off--15 coins--and if I were you I'd skip it and make the trip back to Rose Town where you can stay for free. But that's just me.

Reformed Rat Funk
Meet a little grey mouse who claims to be from 'Monstro Town' and brags about a star, and you'll know you're on the right track. If you want to go to Monstro Town, that is. Or beat the game. He's nice.

More Shaman Dudes
Okay. There's more than one of these guys. They're almost always nice, though. It makes me sad when I have to fight them. *weep weep* Anyhoo, they stand around and tell you things or sell you something, then they float up and disappear. Neat trick! I wish they could teach Mario that. It would make the game go faster.....If you know what I mean....But that might not be a good thing. Whatever.

The landlady of Monstro Town, this kindly lady helps all the monsters find their feet after making their decision to choose good over evil.

Monstro Town Star
THIS is what you came all this way to find?! Oh well. She's a cute little pumpkin, anyway, and you might want to memorize that little number she dances to.

Monstro Town Citizens
There's Jagger and the storekeeper, mentioned briefly in the description of the Koopa Troop, then there's a Pandorite that tells you how many hidden treasure boxes you haven't found, the K-9 dog who dares you to jump 30 times in a row, a groovy Thwomp trap, and a nice pirahna plant who shows genuine neighborly concern for the person who lives next door. You won't find a more honest and upright bunch than these. There's even some specialists, like Jinx, who runs the town dojo! He's gooooood, man. Be careful around this little dude.

Sergeant Flutter
A nice old troopa who's an army vet, he and his paratroopa patrol will help you scale the mountain at Land's End.

Culex and Co.
Okay, see, Culex is this guy, right, with four crystalline sidekicks.  Culex used to be a two-bit violin player in Pittsburgh, but then one day he fell into the sewer where a magical crocodile ate him.  But since the crocodile was magical, Culex ended up in Dimension 14B (instead of the crocodile's stomach), where this little window washer guy named Vanda kidnapped him and zapped him into some weird groovy stuff and made him the Dark Knight, right?  So then Culex goes out in his fancy new duds and finds a one-star pub where a bunch of crystals are sitting around getting drunk and complaining about their lives.  Culex offers them a glamorous job as his assistants; they jump at the chance.  Then Vanda sends Culex and his new friends to Monstro Town so they can take over the world, only they find out they have to stay in the Tardis-like cliff all the time because the air reacts badly with their molecular structure.  So there you have it.  And I made all of that up and none of it is true.

Shy Away
A little flying gardener dude. He's so cute.....awwwww.... I love the Shy Away soooooo much... like the Shaman, and Bowyer, and the Snifits, and....

Nimbus Land Peoples
Nice people who float around and look suspicously like Mallow. Hmmm..... Oh, and they live in tents made out of curtains and bramble bushes. If that isn't strange, tell me what is. It seems a lot of these fellas used to work in the castle. But, all of them either got fired or mysteriously disappeared. Wonder what happened~?

A lady with a bird on her head instead of hair who claims that a guy named Prince Mallow, who looks suspiciously like a certain black bird, has asked her to marry him.  Nothing fishy here, huh?

You'll probably remember her from Super Mario Bros. 2, although she didn't seem quite that one. But she still spits eggs.

Valentina's poor slave bird. He takes out his frustration by violently pecking statues of Valentina instead of polishing them. Hey, dude, whatever makes you happy.

The resident sculptor of Nimbus Land, he used to make statues for the king, who liked birds. But now that Valentina's in charge of the palace, all he ever makes is statues of HER!

King & Queen Nimbus
The real rulers of Nimbus Land, these puffy and clueless monarchs seem to be very supportive of Mallow's career choice: Defender of good and destroyer of evil. It seems like most people who haven't seen their son since he was born would be a bit more protective. And why did they send him down in the first place? Why does the king want everyone's autograph? And how did they FLOAT Mallow in a basket from the clouds? Why did they wish for him to come home when they're the ones that sent him down for apparently no reason in the first place? Questions, perhaps, that will never be answered.

Royal Bus Driver
He drives the royal bus. What do you expect?

A guy who lives in the Barrel Volcano, operating a business of which you seem to be the only customer. He has several wooden crates, some stacked up in supplementary counters, more in the corner for you to sleep on should you weary (yay), and more in the corner as a shelf for Hinopio's model airplanes.  I hope he either has an excessively cheerful outlook or some antidepressants, or it's probably true that he leads a pretty sad life.

Czar Dragon
I know nothing about him except that he fights you and you kill him and he's a dragon who uses fire who seems to have been ruler of the volcano.  It's like magic.

Axem Rangers
Go go Axem Rangers!  Those shows that the Japanese stock footage is taken from are great.  There is absolutely nothing better in the world of live action than bright colour themes and unnecessary body language!  Axem Black is the coolest, in my personal humble opinion. These guys rule.

Dr. Topper, the Quiz Master
So, here's a turtle guy who looks exactly like the Hammer Bros. but has a bigger vocabulary and finds life a lot more funny. He calls himself the quiz master and laughs at you before you start every puzzle to make you nervous. But he's SO COOL that I want to be Dr. Topper when I grow up!.

Everyone loves Magikoopa, or "Kamek" as Yoshi's Island liked to call him. Who couldn't like a guy wearing glasses and a blue robe with a magic wand who tries to kill you--? *Ahem* well, ANYWAYS, once you knock some sense back into him, he'll make you a very nice treasure box.

This is kind of a weird blue samurai dude. Hailing you from a chandelier, he wants you to fight him, man!! Oh well. Not like you have anything else to do. He has way too much honor and integrity for a bad guy, ya ask me, and he really should do something about that asthma--or WHATEVER he has--as well as that spontaneous color change from blue to red and then back again.

Does anyone besides me not get the name? Chandeli-ho? Like that makes sense? They look like Shyguys. Anyway, somebody heartlessly chained them to chandeliers and then to the ceiling. The one on your chandelier will take you to the roof, and then stop suddenly when he realizes there are no seatbelts.  Just smile and nod.

Smithy Factory Dopplegangers
Far too many of these there are.  They're cute at first but you will hate them by the time you struggle all the way through the danged factory. The only good thing about them is that they play the cool music when you fight them!

Count Down
An alarm clock--an ALARM CLOCK!-- that wants to fight you. And two annoying bells on top of his head that always say the exact same things, one after another. Or they say "Time is marching on," like it's supposed to scare you. Just....kill it. Please.

Cloaker and Domino
Two happy clown-dudes with mechanical snakes, Mad Adder and Earth Link. While Domino is cool and tough, Cloaker and Earth Link are exceedingly wimpy.

Factory Manager, Sales Clerk, Executive, Underpaid Worker, Child Labour Inspector, etc. etc.
These guys are all really dumb-looking, multicolored dudes with shields and hammer minions. They have tiny, worthless shields and dumb helmets with horns ("ni!"). But they did inadvertantly lead to Bowser's composition of a beautiful haiku.

Factory Chief & Gunyolk
The Factory Chief is one of those ninja scuba-diving looking dudes rather than another color of generic Factory official, and Gunyolk is a weird-looking machine that he created. Gunyolk is cute.

Santa Claus Smithy
He has a hammer, a jolly beard, and insanity. He's a maniac, I tell you! A maniac! But that Smelter looks like trouble. Anyway, what Smithy does in this incarnation is whack lumps of golden goo that Smelter made with his hammer until they magically become Shy-somethings. He also has the Shredder, which Culex also possessed. You might need to worry if you're the type who gets your groove on with Geno Boosts and other stat-pumpin' moves (seeing as neutralising those little boosts is exactly what Shredder does), but I always just ignored it because I thought it didn't do anything, and I always came out all right.

Magical Metal Head Smithy
He may look stupid, and his heads may look even stupider (tank head? please.) but this is the final boss and you better take him seriously, man! Can you hear the scary music yet.....? The game's......OVER! NOOOOOO!!!


Link- Everyone loves Link! I know I do. *smile* But seriously, folks. The Squaresoft folks couldn't resist. You'll find him taking a well-deserved snooze at the Rose Town Inn any time you wake up after YOU crashed there.

Samus Aran- The heroine of the Metroid games, SHE gets invited to stay in the palace's guest room but YOU don't. I guess you know where you stand. *sniff* She's resting up for Mother Brain. She and Link weren't in the first incarnation of the chara guide because of "extensive thought." For those of you who don't know, my brand of extensive thought way back then in... guess it was '97... well, it consisted of... nevermind. I'm a good role model now. Nyeheheheheheh.

MAGICAL SPECIAL BONUS OF THE CHARACTER GUIDE II: Characters who don't get to be in the end parade
Hammer Bros.   |   Hinopio    |  Axem Rangers |  Dr. Topper   |  Birdo  | Count Down  |  Cloaker and Domino |  Samus and Link, if they count  | Belome |  Czar Dragon   | Boomer  |  Monstermama, Jinx and the rest of the Monstro Towners |  Boshi  |  Snifits 4, 5, 6, 7, and would-be 8  | Toadofsky | Magikoopa  |  Gaz  |  Punchinello  |  Chef Torte  |  Assistant to Mr. Torte  |  Bundt  |  Smithy Factory Workers  |  Baby Yoshi | Shamans  |  MAYBE MORE!!  AAAHH!! Your tax dollars were spent on THAT SHODDY INCOMPLETE PARADE THAT DIDN'T EVEN HAVE SHAMANS IN IT EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE THE MOST PRECIOUS THINGS EVER EXCEPT FOR PANDAS!