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Ever wanted to read a list of all the questions and [correct] answers given by Dr. Topper?  Well, so have I!  Crave no longer, my children.  Here they are, straight from the Quiz Master himself!  We all love ya, Topper baby!  (...just not in THAT way!)

Q: What was Toadstool doing when she was kidnapped by Bowser?
A: She was looking at flowers.

Q: What color are the curtains in Mario's house?
A: Blue.

Q: What is the fourth selection on the Menu Screen?
A: Equip.

Q: What is Raini's husband's name?
A: Raz.

Q: The boy at the Inn in the Mushroom Kingdom was playing with what?
A: Game Boy.

Q: Where was the first Star Piece found?
A: Mushroom Kingdom.

Q: What was Mallow asked to get for Frogfucius?
A: Cricket Pie.

Q: What does Belome really like to turn people into?
A: Scarecrows.

Q: Who is the famous composer at Tadpole Pond?
A: Toadofsky.

Q: How many legs does Wiggler have?
A: 6.

Q: What does the Red Essence do?
A: Gives you strength.

Q: What's the first monster you see in the Pipe Vault?
A: Sparky.

Q: Mite is Dyna's WHAT?
A: Little brother.

Q: How many underlings does Croco have?
A: 3.

Q: Where was the third Star Piece found?
A: Moleville.

Q: In the Moleville blues, it's said that moles are covered in what?
A: SOil.

Q: What did Carroboscis turn into?
A: A carrot.

Q: What technique does Bowser learn at Level 15?
A: Crusher.

Q: Booster is what generation?
A: Seventh.

Q: Which monster does not appear in Booster Tower?
A: Terrapin.

Q: The man getting his picture taken at Marrymore hates what?
A: Getting his picture taken.

Q: The boy getting his picture taken at Marrymore can't wait 'til which season?
A: Skiing.

Q: What's the chef's name at Marrymore?
A: Torte.

Q: How long have the couple inside the Chapel been waiting for their wedding?
A: 30 minutes.

Q: What's the password in the Sunken Ship?
A: Pearls

Q: What's the name of the boss at the Sunken Ship?
A: Johnny.

Q: What's the full name of the boss at the Sunken Ship?
A: Jonathan Jones.

Q: Johnny loves WHICH beverage?
A: Currant Juice.

Q: Yaridovich is what?
A: A boss.

Q: How much does a female beetle cost?
A: 1 coin.

Q: What's the name of Jagger's "sensei"?
A: Jinx.

Q: What do Culex, Jinx, and Goomba have in common?
A: They live in Monstro Town.

Q: Who helped you up the cliff at Land's End?
A: Sky Troopas.

Q: What words does Shy Away sing?
A: La dee dah.

Q: Who is the famous sculptor at Nimbus Land?
A: Garro.

Q: What color is the end of Dodo's beak?
A: Red.

Q: What does Birdo come out of?
A: An eggshell.

Q: What is Hinopio in charge of at the middle counter?
A: The inn.

Q: Who is the leader of the Axem Rangers?
A: Red.

Q: Who is the ultimate enemy in this adventure?
A: Smithy.