with your bad self

...Boomer to the Gate

(Mario and friends have just trullied through Bowser's vast Keep.  They've just headed into the final room......)

         Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Mario looks up to see Boomer on the chandelier)

So YOU are the notorious Mario!  I'm impressed you made it this far.  I didn't think you could.

(Mario jumps up onto the other chandelier)

Oh!  Feisty little fellow, aren't you?  But this is the end of the line.  Now you've got to deal with ME.  EN GARDE!

(Some fighting.  Boomer goes blue, then red again.)

(Sad music starts in)

BOOMER:  Argh!  This is absurd!  I CAN'T be defeated by THEM!  I won't let this happen!  I won't fall in battle... Gasp...cough...hack... H...having an attack...gasp...
(Mario jumps encouragingly)
 I don't need your sympathy!  I am a soldier...  I am prepared to...go...
(Boomer pulls himself together)
 Take a dive, Chandeli-ho!

CHANDELI-HO:  Yeoouuch!!!

(Boomer's chandelier drops away as Chandeli-ho loses its grip.)

See ya later, kids!

CHANDELI-HO:  Boomer!  Oh, poor Boomer!  But not to worry!  A little fall isn't gonna hurt you!

(Camera pan to Mario's chandelier)

CHANDELI-HO: All right, Mario!  I'll lead you to the top!  We must hurry to the appointed place!
(everyone walks to a different part of the chandelier)
 Hang on tight!  Away we go!

(They twirl around and jump and things.  Don't even try to understand.)

CHANDELI-HO:  Increasing speed...!

(They twirl and jump faster as the chandelier rises)

 Next stop, the top floor!  Please fasten your seatbelts and... wait a sec!  There ARE no seatblets!

(Chandelier crashes to a stop, but Mario&Co. are flung upwards.  That's what we call inertia.)

(They land on the roof and fight the sword....after it dies, its mouth opens and sucks them in...very odd.  This, ladies and gentlemen, will take us to a strange, mist-shrouded gateway...)

(All fall down...)

GENO:  (looking around)
  Do you know where this leads to?

GENO:  It looks like Exor's the contact between the two worlds.  In other words...

GENO: (turning to the camera and nodding) If we follow this road, we'll find Smithy.  So...what's keeping us?

BOWSER: Hang on!

BOWSER:  Hey!  I only joined so that I could get my castle back.  I'm not going to be dragged along on this stupid hunt.

BOWSER:  This is as far as I go.  I'm going to gather my troops and rebuild my caslte.

BOWSER:  And you, Mario!  You're an official member of the Koopa Troop.  It's your duty to help with the repairs!

GENO:  (laughing)  Bowser, you're completely missing the point.

BOWSER:  Gwaa?!  I oughtta rip your stuffing out!

GENO: (stops laughing, talks fast) No, think about it, Bowser.  This sword connects to the two worlds, right?

BOWSER:  (swaying wearily)  Yeah, so?

GENO:  Even IF we defeat Exor... There will be OTHER weapon beasts to follow him.

GENO:  (Turns to camera and nods) Your castle is at the entrance point to YOUR world.  In short...they'll be back!

GENO:  Is that what you want?

BOWSER:  Um....well...

BOWSER:  (turns away)  Um....well...

BOWSER:  (More weapon things coming to take over my castle?  What about my----
        ....PRIVACY?  [starts to cry]
        This isn't good at all...
                 In fact, this stinks!....)

BOWSER:  (stops crying)  (But I CAN'T just be pals with these cretins.  I've got an image to keep up.)

BOWSER:  Um....well... (jumps)

BOWSER:  (I've got it!)

BOWSER:  No one insults the Koopa Troop and gets away with it.  I've got a bone to pick with this Smithy guy!

BOWSER:  Come on, Mario!  We'll teach him a lesson.

BOWSER:  (I'm so sly!)

GENO:  (laughs)  It looks like we're together on this one.  Let's go!