with your bad self

...Bowser Battle

PRELUDE:  Toadstool prances off to visit Mario for the afternoon, but he's taking a nap or sommat, so she just sits in his garden and harmonises with the flowers and butterflies (I never knew she was so groovy!).  BUT Bowser swoops down in his Klown Kopter and disappears into the bowels of his keep.....and Mario wakes up at this convenient moment to go rescue her....so he slams his way through Bowser's lazy troopas, who are actually on leave for the weekend but are such lazy bums they don't even have houses, so they just pace the hallways.

(Mario walks into the the throne room, all ready to fight.  But he doesn't see anyone......)

(Oh eep!  There's Toadstool up there!  So he jumps onto the chandelier and...)

TOADSTOOL:  Don't let Bowser  bruise you, Mario!

BOWSER:  Mario!  Prepare yourself  for the great beyond!

 (Mario and Bowser beat each other up a bit)

TOADSTOOL:  Mario!  The chain!  Aim for the chain!

(Mario doesn't catch on and continues trying vainly to harm Bowser.)

BOWSER:  What a joke!!  Put some muscle into it!

(After more timely advice from Toadstool, Mario begins trying to weaken the chain that supports Bowser's chandelier.)


BOWSER:  What was that sound?  (sees chain)  N...n...NO!!!  It's a chain reaction!  Hang on, Kinklink!!  Eyaaaaa!!

(down he falls)

(Mario makes peace sign?  Victory sign, I guess.)

BOWSER:  Coming, Mario?

(One mallet of Bowser's up and Mario slips off chandelier, holding on with white knuckles....)

TOADSTOOL:  Fight, Mario!  FIGHT!!!

(Mario clambers back on and makes another victory sign)

BOWSER:  This should FINISH you!

(Another mallet and Mario joins Bowser in his falling...)

BOWSER:  Mwa ha!  Did you think  I was just gonna GIVE her to ya?  You're ALWAYS in my way!  This is IT!  I'm gonna take you out, Mario!

(Bowser swipes but Mario manages to escape within an inch of his life...)

BOWSER:  Fungah!  Foiled again!

(and down Bowser goes...)

(Mario jumps REEEEALLY high and catches what's left of the chain.)

TOADSTOOL:  Oh, Mario!  You had me so worried!  Let's get out of here!

(Keep shakes violently!!)

TOADSTOOL:  Shriek!! Mario!  I'm going to fall!

(And they all rolled over and one fell out...)