with your bad self

...First Croco Battle

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Croco has stolen Mallow's frog coin. Mario and Mallow follow Croco to Bandit's Way.

MALLOW: There he is! He probably stashed it in that bag. Let's nab him!

CROCO: Are you trying to tail me? Go home to mommy before you get hurt, kid!

Croco runs off, but Mallow and Mario chase him.

CROCO: You couldn't jump to save your life kid, so I guess this is goodbye.

Jumping onto a ledge, Croco zooms off. Mario helps Mallow jump onto the ledge and they pursue him again.

CROCO: Oh! You're a persistant bugger! But I'm a 100 miles ahead of ya!

He runs off, leaving them in the dust again, but they still follow him and find him trying to get a treasure box.

CROCO: Give it UP already! That treasure box is tempting, but now is not the time.

He runs off. With ease, Mario grabs the star from the box and knocks off a few enemies. Then, he and Mallow follow Croco.

CROCO: Dead end! And they won't give up! I'll just have to hide! (He zooms off.)

MALLOW: He's gone into hiding. Let's see if we can sneak up behind him and catch him.

They sneak up and scare Croco.

CROCO: Ha! Your eyes are much faster than your feet! At this rate, it'll take ya... 100 more years to catch me!

He runs off again but they sneak up and scare him again.

CROCO: Ha! Your eyes are much faster than your feet! At this rate, it'll take ya... 50 more years to catch me!

He runs off AGAIN and once again they sneak up and scare him.

CROCO: You AGAIN? This is getting old! It'll still take you...

Mallow goes on the other side of him and scares him.

CROCO: Enough! Ya got me fair and square. I'll give you back your coin.

He digs in his bag. Then, he turns around.

CROCO:  Whoa! Did ya really believe me? I was... LYING!

They go into combat. Mario sets Croco's tail on fire with the Fire Orb.

CROCO: Yeouch!

He tries to douse his tail while Mario and Mallow keep attacking. Finally, he heals himself with a Weird Mushroom. But Mario and Mallow continue to attack. Croco has had enough. Mallow gives him a hard blow.

MALLOW: Gimme back my coin, or I'll belt ya again!

CROCO: Oooouch! I'm gonna pay ya back in spades, kid! Go on! Take back your grubby ‘ol coin. Adios, amigos!

He runs off , and Mario and Mallow get back the coin.

MALLOW: All right! We got it back!

....and the rest, as they say, is a hysterectomy....is that it?