with your bad self


(Mario and his pals have just had a very exhausting endeavor involving six magic doors.  They've finally gotten through and are looking forward to a nice walk through an empty room when Magikoopa, clad in a red robe, blinks angrily into existence in front of them.)

This--is--Smithy's castle!
No trespassers--allowed.

(Mario and friends beat Magikoopa up a bit.)

(Magikoopa summons Bahamutt, King Bomb, or Jinx to do 'is dirty work for him...)

Magikoopa's hiding!

(Beat him up some more.)

(Magikoopa slowly fades from the blinding shade of red to his usual mellow blue.  He looks around, confused.)


MAGIKOOPA:  Huh...where am I?  Bowser, hello!  How have you been?  I, uh, made it back here SOMEHOW, but it seems like I've been brainwashed or something.  I can't seem to remember ANYTHING.  Have I done something...wrong?

BOWSER:  Uh, don't worry about it.  Let's just put it behind us.  It's great running into a loyal Koopa Trooper like you.

MAGIKOOPA:  I'm glad!  It looks like you've got some tough new troopers now.  But my magic can still help you.  (He turns and faces a blank wall, raising his wand.) Watch this!
(Golden treasure box flickers and then pops out of thin air)

MAGIKOOPA:  This magic treasure box will never run out of coins.  Just keep on hitting it.

 I'll be here if you need me.  Come by whenever you need to rejuvenate your HP and magic.