with your bad self


Mario stomps on the button and jumps in the contraption to go to Smithy.

MALLOW: Hey! There's the last star piece!

SMITHY: Huh?...?Already finished your tour of the factory, huh?! All right then how about a little demonstration?

Smithy whacks the hammer and an unfinished Drill Bit comes out.

GENO: Yo Smithy! Stop making those things and hand over the star piece, NOW!

Mario jumps, as if he was talking.

SMITHY: Huh?...Gufaw,haw haw! So YOU'RE...Mario?! Looks like we're gonna have a little dispute over the star.

BOWSER: Just hand over the star piece and GET OUTTA MY CASTLE!

SMITHY: My, my! We're a little touchy today, aren't we? You know, I'm actually growing rather fond of this place...

TOADSTOOL: Please! Don't make us go through anymore! Just give us the star...NOW!

SMITHY: Hurrumph! Better yet...Why don't YOU give me YOUR stars. Why, then I could easily conquer this world! Then we could get rid of all wishes, and create a world filled with...WEAPONS!!

Mario huddles, jumps twice and everyone nods.

SMITHY: Over here, NOW! I'll crush you ALL!!

They battle, Mario wins.


AERO: Calm down, Smithy! Your head looks like a geyser!!

DRILL BIT: Don't get so worked up! Think of your blood pressure!

SHYSTER: We just built this yesterday, and the foundation's very weak. So...STOP SHAKING THE FLOOR!

SMITHY: How utterly annoying!

He hits the floor again, and it begins to rumble.

SMITHY: Huh?! What the...?! How in the heck...?!

The floor gives a final BOOM and it comes apart and falls. They hit the bottom.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!! Uwoooooooo...I'm burning...seething...Never have I been so wronged...It is time...I will show you my real form...I will show you my true power...I will teach you respect...And I shall have my revenge...


Smithy has all these lights come out and he changes into a huge thing!

SMITHY: Guoooooooo!!!!! Come on you puny ants!

Another Battle occurs. During the fight, Smithy's head is changed into a shielded one, tank head, magic head, and a box head. Soon enough you realize to hit his body and he says...

SMITHY: Guooooo! C...can't move...!

Then when he recovers and keeps fighting he says...

SMITHY: Mwa ha! I am burning with power!

Finally, when you beat the monkeys(no offense, Silla) out of him and win...

SMITHY: Guooooooo! My b...body and head are burning! It's not...possible...! I don't believeit...! I'm...finished...done for...! Guooooooooo...noooooo...!

Cool effects kick in and Smithy explodes. The last star appears.

GENO: Come on, Mario! Send the last one way up high!

The normal star gathering routine...

GENO: Thank you everyone! The Star Road is back to normal! And...

All these cool lights and stars come from nowhere. He goes back up and a doll is left. And behind the doll for everyone is a miniature star :-)

You get a view from Vista Hill and the Sword disitigrates. The sun comes out.

At Star Road, the wishes are granted! In order, they are:

1. Mallow returns to Nimbus Land and is dressed up in Prince stuff.

2. Bowser rebuilds his castle. And a Shyguy gets in trouble for being in the Klown Kopter!

3. Johnny is on a hill looking at the sea.

4. Yoshi is racing Croco at Yo'ster Isle. Croco throws a cookie to distract Yoshi, but it speeds him up. Yoshi wins and Boshi & Croco walk away together.

5. Toadofsky composes a signing group and the student from Seaside Town looks upon them. And Frogfucious comes up.

6. Valentina and Booster are at Marrymore. Dodo is the guys who pronounces them husband and wife. Booster runs away and Valentina chases him.

7. Chancellor, Toad, Mario and the Princess say thank you. And that is immediatly followed by the parade! YAY!!!!!