komm, süsser Tod

Pretty pretty wishes!  Pretty pretty wishes!  Read all the wishes on Star Hill and the likeliest person(s) to have made them!  If there's an a.b. it means you can grant the wish and it changes after it's granted.  ^_^  Hey Joe R, thanks!

a. Wish I had some cricket jam.
b. I wish for everyone to be happy. ~Frogfucious

I hope my baby's cute! ~ Errr.... I really just have no idea. People suggest Raz or Raini, but that'd mean they were livin' in sin (heh heh heh).  Others suggest Ma' Mole, but she never says anything to suggest she's pregnant O_o  And still others say it's the Yoshi who takes care of the egg at Yo'ster Isle... but then the wish should change after the baby Yoshi is born!  So, in conclusion, I still really just have no idea.

Can't wait to start a family! ~Raz or Raini

I wish I weren't such a crybaby. ~Mallow

If I could just get that melody! ~Toadofsky

The hunger! Oh, for some food! ~Belome

I vant to be a vald class baker. ~Chef Torte

a. Please let Mallow find his way home. ~King and Queen Nimbus
b. May Mallow fix the road! ~King and Queen Nimbus

I wanna be the best treasure hunter in the world. ~That treasure hunter from Moleville or the guy in Rose Town

I hope I become famous. ~Punchinello

(Wish I could run faster.) ~Yoshi or one of the other Yoshis hanging out at Yo'ster Isle

I wanna be a great plumber like my brother Mario. ~Luigi