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So when you come here, assuming of course that you DO, come here that is, but if and when you find yourself here, that being, in the Photic Zone, do you ever wonder-- now this is a stretch, these two have to coincide-- do you ever wonder, while you're here, in the Photic Zone, where I, Silla, go when I'm online?  ::watches as a mime raises his hand in the back:: Aah! So if you wonder that, then I ought to tell you! And perhaps give you the opportunity of going to the same places! Would you like that? ::mime nods:: oKAY then!

OH WAIT ONE MORE THING. I will try very hard not to link to any sites that contain objectionable material, but if you find something on one of the sites I link to that offends you, it isn't my fault, so chill out!!! o_o

Sites for Things Of Which I am a Fan
Pep's RPG World in the Rainy Circle- Hi, Peppy!  Your site rocks!
The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Homepage- I've seen him in concert twice!  He's great!
Castle in the Sky- This is a *fantastic* Sailor Moon page.
Excellent Official Gundam W- No links page sentence could accurately describe this site. It's kinda shaky as far as being up or not up goes, but if you manage to catch it, don't worry, it'll be worth it.
Wagnerszenen- Yeah, Nightcrawler rocks, but the REAL attraction here is the Brad Swaile Intelligence Dossier. O_O()()()

Star Fox 64 RP- My first ever sim :D Kirameki-chan da, Silla-chan datta.
Garden Hills: Foxie's Domain- Ware wa Saffron da yo!

Pokey the Penguin- My favourite. O_O
Syzygy of Idiocy- Th' first online comic I read!
Megumi-Toons- Wai!  Translated manga about Hayashibara Megumi-sama!  They're so cuuute n_n
8-Bit Theater- RED MAGE IS AWESOME! It's an adaptation of Final Fantasy 1 XD Or something to that effect.
Megatokyo- *shrug* Everyone likes Megatokyo.
Strings of Fate- Absolutely stunning artwork, and the story's not bad either! ^_~

Infinity Network- Yoshi-senpai's groovalicious page!
Distorted Perceptions- Nezu's groovy site of grooviness
FFVII Date Guide- I never could have dated Barret if not for this guide O_o
Sugoi Panda- Me good mate Zucchan's groovalicious website!

Link to Meeee
I have some magical buttons!  Nezu-senpai made the first two,I made the third one, and Yoshi-chan made the fourth one! ^_^  So if for some reason you want to link me and you don't like that whole "text" thing, you can pick your favourite! ::waves a flag::

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::slips mime a twenty as he exits::

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