brave eyes


"like the moon over
the day, my genius and brawn
are lost on these fools." ~haiku

Undisputed (until now) ruler of the underword and aspiring tyrant of the Mushroom World, Bowser is always kidnapping Toadstool in hopes that this will enable him to overthrow the Chancellor with relative ease. When Mario rescues Toadstool this time, though, a giant sword sends Bowser flying. Bowser returns to his Keep only to discover that the bridge is out. Hence, the Koopa King musters his troops and prepares to take his castle back! Unfortunately, all his troops end up either MIA or AWOL, so Bowser is left all alone with no way to get back to his keep. When Mario arrives on the scene, Bowser (calculating and cunning as he is) realizes the advantage in a team-up when he sees that Mario is also trying to overthrow this Smithy thing for whatever reason. Thus do Mario, Mallow and Geno join the Koopa Troop (i.e. Bowser joins your party).


Terrorize- Big Boo scares all enemies.  Am I the only one who finds Bowser's finger snap thing incredibly death? 6FP
Poison Gas- Does what it sounds like; a happy green cloud poisons all your adversaries. 10FP
Crusher- A huge rock juts out of the ground and stabs one enemy!
Bowser Crush- Bowser summons a big Mechakoopa to stomp on everyone! ...everyone BAD that is.


Happy Shell- in Marrymore. 38 coins
Courage Shell- In Monstro Town. 60 coins
Fire Shell- in the Barrel Volcano. 90 coins
Heal Shell- from Croco in Bowser's Keep. 100 coins


Chomp- in Booster Tower. can't be bought
Chomp Shell- In Marrymore.  Don't buy it unless you couldn't figure out how to steal the Chomp  :Þ 60 coins
Hurly Gloves- My personal fav as far as eye candy goes ^_~  In the Sea, Sunken Ship, or Seaside Town after Yaridovich. 92 coins
Spiked Link- Monstro Town.  You ever look at that thing?  It has GOT to hurt! 94 coins
Drill Claw- Bowser's Keep. can't be bought

...The Ideal Bowser

Armor- Heal Shell
Weapon- Drill Claw
Accessory- Jinx Belt