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One of the benign guardians of the Star Road, Geno comes down to earth when Exor destroys the Star Road to find the Star Pieces, rebuild the Star Road, and defeat Smithy so that wishes can once more come true. He appears in the form of a small star, and inhabits one of Gaz's dolls, named Geno. After that, he ventures into the Forest Maze to defeat Bowyer, one of Smithy's henchmen, and joins Mario and Mallow in their quest.


Geno Beam- Blue beam from wand strikes one enemy. 3FP
Geno Boost- Raise attack and defence power of one ally. 4FP
Geno Whirl- Slice an enemy.  Time it right for LOTS of damange!
Geno Blast- Beams smash down on all enemies!
Geno Flash- Energy sun explodes on all enemies.


Mega Cape- in Moleville. 22 coins
Happy Cape- in Marrymore. 38 coins
Sailor Cape- Post Yarid Seaside Town/Sunken Ship/Sea. 50 coins
Fuzzy Cape- in Nimbus Land. 70 coins
Fire Cape- in the Barrel Volcano. 90 coins
Star Cape- from Croco in Bowser's Keep. 100 coins


Finger Shot- from Gaz at Rose Town/in Moleville. 50 coins
Hand Gun- In Marrymore. 75 coins
Double Punch- in Seaside Town. 88 coins
Hand Cannon- in Nimbus Land. 105 coins
Star Gun- in Bowser's Keep. can't be bought

...The Ideal Geno

Armor- Star Cape
Weapon- Star Gun
Accessory- Quartz Charm