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The Princess of the Mushroom World and heir to the throne, Toadstool is kidnapped by Bowser ALL THE TIME. But last time, before Mario could rescue her, a huge sword crashed into Bowser's Keep and threw Toadstool into the air and all the way to Booster Tower. After narrowly escaping a fate worse than death (marriage... to Booster), Toadstool returns to the Mushroom Kingdom, but sneaks out of the palace to join Mario, Mallow, Geno and Bowser on their quest for Star Pieces.


Therapy- Restores HP and status of one ally. 2FP
Group Hug- Restores HP and status of entire party. 4FP
Sleepy Time- Puts one enemy to sleep.
Come Back- Restore one ally to life.  Time it right to restore all HP.
Mute- Keeps one enemy from using magical attacks (fairly inconsistent). 3FP
Psych Bomb
- How does the demure monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom spell PMS?  P-S-Y-C-H B-O-M-B!  Unleash a blast on all enemies, like which hell hath no fury.


Polka Dress- Initial equipment.  Sell ASAP. can't be bought... not that you would want to
NauticaDress- in the Sea/Sunken Ship/post-Yarid Seaside Town. 50 coins
Fuzzy Dress- in Nimbus Land. 70 coins
Fire Dress- in the Barrel Volcano. 90 coins
Royal Dress- from Croco in Bowser's Keep. 100 coins


B'Tub Ring- Get it in Marrymore, equip it, and use the Mystery Egg in battle!  See what happens after 12 battles.  ^_~


Slap Glove- Inital equipment. can't be bought
Parasol- In post-Yarid Seaside Town.  84 coins
War Fan- In Nimbus Land. 100 coins
Super Slap- In Bowser's Keep. can't be bought
Frying Pan- from the Treasure Hunter in Moleville. 300 coins

...The Ideal Toadstool

Armor- Royal Dress/Lazy Shell
Weapon- Frying Pan
Accessory- Rare Scarf