brave eyes


Grandson of the sage, Frogfucious, Mallow journeys to the Mushroom Kingdom to purchase a Cricket Pie for his grandfather with a special Frog Coin. But he is stopped and robbed of his Coin by Croco! After teaming up with Mario to stop Croco and get back his Coin, Mallow learns that Frogfucious is NOT HIS REAL GRANDFATHER! He joins Mario to search for his real parents and helps Mario in his quest for Star Pieces.


Thunderbolt- Lightning bolts hit all enemies! 2FP
HP Rain- Restore HP of one ally. 2FP
Psychopath- Find out how many HP enemies have left. Time it right to see their thoughts!
Shocker- Big lightning bolt hits one enemy!
Snowy- A cute-yet-gargantuan snowman freezes all foes.
Star Rain- A huge star bounces on all enemies. Time it right for lots of bounces!


Pants- in the Mushroom Kingdom. 7 coins
Thick Pants- in Rose Town. 14 coins
Mega Pants- in Moleville. 22 coins
Happy Pants- in Marrymore. 38 coins
Sailor Pants- Post Yarid Seaside Town/Sunken Ship/Sea. 50 coins
Fuzzy Pants- in Nimbus Land. 70 coins
Fire Pants- in the Barrel Volcano. 90 coins
Prince Pants- from Croco in Bowser's Keep. 100 coins


FroggieStick- from Frogfucious at Tadpole Pond (exchange for Cricket Pie). can't be bought
Cymbals- In Moleville. 42 coins
Whomp Glove- in Marrymore. 72 coins
RibbitStick- in post-Yarid Seaside Town. 86 coins
Sticky Glove- in Nimbus Land. 98 coins
Sonic Cymbals- in Bowser's Keep. can't be bought

...The Ideal Mallow

Armor- Prince Pants
Weapon- Sonic Cymbals
Accessory- Ghost Medal